5 Moving Tips and Tricks That You Should Know Before Renting An Apartment

January 27th, 2015

5 Moving Tips and Tricks That You Should Know Before Renting An Apartment

Renting an apartment doesn’t stop or end with you paying the fees and moving in. There’s a lot of process you have to do and go through with. One of those process is “packing and moving” your items.

To make your moving process much easier, here are few tips and tricks that you can do or follow.

Pack and Use an Overnight Bag Containing All Essentials


Use a bag where you can keep all your essentials. The bag should be big or wide enough to keep your work clothes (in case you are going to work the next day), your toiletries and personal hygiene stuff. An overnight bag will come in handy because you’ll be too tired to unpack your things immediately. So having a bag that can contain all the things that you will need immediately is a must before moving.

Pack Items You Need First In A Clear Plastic Container

Plastic Container

You can put your box cutter, paper towels, trash bag, tools, phone chargers and power strips in a plastic or clear container. The clear container allows you to see inside. This way, you can easily get the items you will need once you are already unpacking your stuff at your new home or apartment.

Make Use Of Your Extra Clothes


Instead of buying or shelling out money for bubble wraps, you can use your extra clothes (often used ones) to pack some of your breakable items. It can be dishes, glasses or valuable but breakable kitchenware. This way, you can save money (not buying bubble wraps) and at the same time, you can pack two things (your breakable and your clothes) at the same time.

Make Use Of Your Extra Socks


You can pack some of your breakables such as glasses and other small items inside your socks. It will serve as an extra padding and protection.

Unpack By Room

Box With Room Label

Aside from labeling your boxes with what’s inside, make sure to add the room where it should belong. This way, all boxes can be unpacked by room. This will make the unpacking process more easy and manageable.

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