6 Costly Apartment Hunting Mistakes Everyone Should Know

January 31st, 2018

In apartment hunting, a single mistake can cost you a fortune. This is why some people consider apartment hunting as a gamble.

To avoid costly mistakes, you must arm yourself with guides, tips and knowledge especially if you are a first time apartment renter. And to help you out with your apartment hunting journey, here are seven common mistakes that you must avoid.

Apartment Complex

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Online apartment hunting through shady websites

There are lots of apartment listing websites nowadays. Sadly, a large chunk of them contains shady apartment listings. To avoid picking up these shady ones, make sure to visit trusted apartment listings websites only. Zillow.Com, Trulia.Com and Rent.Com are some of the most trusted ones when it comes to apartment searches.

Going beyond your monthly budget

If you set a budget for your apartment, stick with it. Look for apartments that are within your price range. Yes, there are lots of beautiful apartments out there that offer amazing features and amenities but they all come in quite a hefty price tag.

Assuming and not asking

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when hunting for an apartment and never ever assume! If the landlord forget to tell you about their pet policy and the fee they charge for it, don’t assume that it’s free. Ask about it!

Hurried decisions

Apartment hunting is a tiring and time consuming process. This is why some people tend to say YES immediately for the first available apartment they will see. What if there’s another property or building that offers the same kind of space, features and amenities for a much lower price? Think about it!

Failure to read the terms or lease

Ok, you find the perfect apartment that goes along with the budget.  Surely, you are now excited to sign the lease to secure it for the new few months. But wait! Don’t do that until you read the lease. Read it thoroughly and make sure you understand each and every rules or policy written in it.

Failure to notice pre-existing damage

Before signing the lease, make sure to check each and every corner of the apartment. Look out for possible damages and mention it to the landlord. Take photos of it and attach it to the lease agreement if applicable. This will save you great amount of cash when the time comes for you to move out.

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  1. Becki says:

    Great tips! I had a lot harder time searching in college town for a room in a house instead of an ‘apartment complex.’ There are a lot of landlords who take advantage of short-term student renters.

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