Let There Be Light! Lighting Tips To Brighten Up Your Apartment

July 23rd, 2015

Since most apartments won’t allow permanent changing of their wall paints or the color of their floors and ceilings, tenants are limited to the areas where they can make improvements. Maybe they (landlords) will allow the usage of wallpapers but that alone can’t really make a huge difference. But if tenants can partner it up with some lighting improvements, for sure it can have greater effect.

If you are currently renting an apartment or about to rent an apartment, one of the most effective ways to personalize or to create a more “homey” feel out of your rented space is by changing some lighting fixtures. Aside from giving your new found space a new look or design, changing some “lights” will brighten and lighten up your home even more.

Below are few effective tips that can help you achieve the kind of lighting that you and your apartment needs.

Choose Light-Colored Shades

Light Colored Shade

If you will add more lighting fixtures at your apartment, for sure it will be in the form of floor lamps or table lamps. Just remember to buy the light color shades. Aside from giving your space a new look, it can brighten up more the light coming from the lamp.

Use String Lights/Fairy Lights

string lights

String lights are now commonly use as an added style or design of a certain room. But for tenants like you, this can be a good lighting fixture to add at your apartment. You can set string lights at the corner of your windows.

Use Wireless Lights


Some apartments have limited number of outlets. Yes, you may use some extension cords but using them for a long time is not advisable. It’s risky and dangerous. So if you renting at this kind of space, what other option you have to add lighting fixture? The answer: go wireless!

Nowadays, there are lots of wireless lights available in the market. Ever stumbled upon those stylish faux candles? That could be one of your many options. This type of light are not only stylish, they are energy efficient too!

Add Mirrors

mirror room

Mirror can work wonders in terms of interior designing. Aside from making your apartment appear larger, you can also utilize it to illuminate the lights you already have in your room.

Space Your Lighting Evenly

Corridor Lights

Placing your added lights or lamps evenly at the corners of your room can make a huge difference in terms of effective lighting. Place your lamps or wireless lights at the space where you think you need more illumination.

Tweaking your apartment’s lighting fixtures can make a huge difference. But before you do any of these, make sure to ask your landlord’s permission first.

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