5 Apartment Money Saving Tips That Are Proven Effective Space Savers Too

June 29th, 2015

Are you looking for effective ways to save money while renting? Well, I got something for you! The below tricks and tips are proven to be effective in terms of saving money while living in an apartment.  If you will just read and follow them properly, I am quite sure that you can save extra cash that you can use at other stuff.


Buy and Use Multi-functional Furniture, Gadgets and Appliances

Using multi-functional stuff are not only good for saving precious floor space,  its proven to be cost effective too!

Choose a sofa with a hidden bed, or buy a coffee table that doubles as storage (a trunk, a lidded ottoman, a wooden table with drawers). You can see some of this at this blog post.

In the kitchen, skip single-use appliances (rice cookers, deep fryers, juicers) and opt for multi-functional ones. Buy a blender (which can make juice, smoothies, soups, salad dressings, and more), or a high-quality pot (which can cook rice AND make deep-fried food).


Buy Less, Spend Less, Save Space

Minimal Space

If you plan to live in an apartment for a long period of time, consider the stuff and things that you will buy. Buy the stuff that are only necessary or you will surely use daily. Don’t buy those things that will just become another display on the shelf after few months.

If you have kids, always remember this important information: “a British study found the average 10-year-old owns 238 toys but plays with just 12 daily!” Think hard about it and yeah, it will help you to decide wisely.


If Possible, Just Rent or Borrow

Library Books

Renting or borrowing occasionally used stuff is proven space and cash saver too! Here are some real life examples that can help explain this one to you.

You can rent or borrow a carpet cleaner instead of buying one.

Rent or stream movies instead of buying and storing them afterwards.

Use the library and borrow books instead of buying one.


Take Advantage of the Digital Age

GO Digital

Although this can already be the case for you, some may still opt to do the traditional way.

If you are are book lover/reader and a big music enthusiast/supporter, going digital is the best and practical way if you live in an apartment. Opt for digital versions whenever possible. Aside from being much cheaper and effective space saver, it can be a huge relief too when it’s time for you to move. Less things to bring or to be carried because all of this stuff are already in digital form.


Watch Your Energy Consumption

Save Electricty

Renting an apartment comes with several restrictions. One of those is the permanent changing of windows that can help conserve energy in the long run. Even though you can’t upgrade or change your window or insulation, you can still conserve some energy by following some of the tips below.

Use energy efficient light bulbs.

Use programmable thermostat.

Install a good shower head (you can take them out and carry with you when you move out).

Use electric fans (stay away from the bulky ones as they consume a lot more energy) whenever possible instead of air-conditioner.

For more apartment energy saving tips an tricks, you should read this post.


Images from Pixabay free images.

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