How To Avoid Getting Screwed When Renting An Apartment

January 12th, 2015

Not all landlords do business in a good and honest way. Some will try to maximize their profit by scamming you with all the fees and bills they will put at your face. Some may even force you to pay an expensive rate despite the fact that the place does have lots of maintenance issues that needs repair.

So whether it’s your first time renting or not, these tips will surely help you out to avoid band landlords and apartments. These tips can save you and your hard earned money from those so called scam artists.

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Ask For Lower Fee or Even Discounts

Landlords will advertise their apartments with a high fee. Although it’s normally non negotiable, you can still ask if they can give you some sort of discounts or a lower rental fee. For example, if you are sure that you will stay at the apartment for over a year, you can tell your landlord that you will rent his place for a longer period of time if he can give you discounts.

There is no harm in asking. So before renting the place with the advertise price, try to negotiate it and see if you can get some discounts.

Ask Existing and Past Tenants

You can ask the past and present tenants about the apartment and of course, the person who owns or manage the place. This way, you can be sure that it’s the place you wanted to live in. If the tenants will give you nothing but bad reviews or experiences, by all means, stay away with it.

Put Everything into Writing

Don’t get satisfied with verbal assurance and promises from your landlord. If he or she promised something that you both agreed upon, write it down. Make sure that you and your landlord have a copy of it. For example, if the landlord promised you that he will waive your pet fee, make sure that it’s written on papers with signatures of him or her affixed. This way, you have a proof that you don’t need to pay an extra fee for the pets you have at your apartment.

Know Your Rights

Read the Tenant’s Right Handbook. This will contain all your rights as a tenant and what you are entitled of. Remember, knowledge is power. This way, your landlord can’t fool you for something that he or she thinks you are not aware of.

Document Your Move-In With Photos

Take pictures of the apartment before you move in. Take some photos of the problem areas that need repairs.  You can then tell your landlord about it. If she/he acts quickly, it’s a good sign that he takes repairs seriously. If not, you can then start to look for another apartment.

Apartment renting is a serious matter. By following these tips, you can be sure that you can find the landlord who is serious about making a good business.

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