Storage Hacks Perfect for Your Apartment’s Tiny Bedroom

January 20th, 2015

The main problem that most people face when renting an apartment is storage. Having a good storage in a small space seems like close to impossible. But with the tips I listed down below, I am quite sure that you can create extra spaces especially at your own tiny bedroom.

Built In Storage Bed

Built In Storage Beds

Choose a bed with a built in storage underneath. By having this kind of furniture, you won’t need another cabinet to place your clothes and accessories.

Storage Around The Bed

Around The bEd Storage

You can also create a storage surrounding your bed. You can place identical cabinets at both sides of your bed and a hanging cabinet overhead.

Create Storage At Every Space

Storage At All Places

You can hang your accessories and jewelries at the back of your cabinet door.

Floating Shelves

Floating Storage

Nothing beats the oldie but goodie storage shelves. It’s the most common storage that saves a lot of space in and outside your room.

Under The bed Storage with Tuck-Away Baskets or Bins

Underbed Storage with Tuck-Away Baskets or Bins

If you can’t buy a bed with built in cabinets, you can then now use baskets or bins placed under your bed. Just make sure your bed has enough room below it. Otherwise, you will need a riser.

With enough creativity, storage space won’t be a problem at your apartment anymore.

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