7 Expert Tips That Can Make Apartment Hunting Stress-Free

June 7th, 2017

Apartment hunting can be stressful and daunting. And In this kind of world we are living in, getting the perfect apartment to rent is quite a challenge.

And to help apartment hunters out there (especially the beginners), below are few tips and tricks that could ease that “apartment hunting burden”. These tips came from long time apartment dwellers that are living happy, in-peace and truly contented.

Apartment Hunting Tips and Tricks

Check cell phone reception at each and every corner of the apartment

Walk through the entire apartment with your phone out. Move from one room to another and check if your phone signal is still at high. The last thing you want is going outside at each and every phone call because of low quality signal inside your rented apartment.

Test the shower

Check if the water supply or flow is good enough for you. If the apartment you wanted to rent is located at the 2nd or 3rd floor, make sure that the water supply or flow is good enough even when the other units are using their showers too.

Check the cupboards, closets and cabinets

Don’t leave any closets and cabinets unchecked. Inspect them thoroughly especially the ones located in the kitchen.  If there’s any hole, no matter how small it is, ask your landlord to fix it before you move in. You don’t want any rodents or insects lurking around your home especially at night, don’t you?

Test drive the apartment

Kindly ask your landlord if you can spend a night or two on the place you wanted to rent. This way, you’ll know how it feels living at the said space.  Some landlord won’t agree with this but there’s no harm in asking anyway.

Check your furniture size

Measure your big furniture and write it down in a piece of paper. At the apartment you wanted to rent, measure the entryway or entrance door and see if it’s good enough for your furniture to pass through. The last thing you want is leaving your furniture outside your apartment just because it won’t fit inside your new home.

Check and inspect the apartment on a rainy day

Check how the roof holds up against heavy drops of rain. This can also allow you to inspect for any kind of leaks that could ruin your stay. Inspect the driveway and the roads near your place if flood is building up.

Be prepared

Treat apartment hunting like job hunting. Carry all necessary documents and paperwork that could prove your identity, your financial capability and good manners. You can also create a good resume just in case your landlord asks for it. And oh, if you have a pet, make sure that you also have a physical document that contains their information.

These tips and advice could certainly help you get the apartment that you need and want. Happy apartment hunting!

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