6 Tips to Fully Enjoy Your Michigan Summer Vacation and Road Trip

June 20th, 2017

Summertime is up in Michigan. This means more time to explore the outdoors and visit popular summer destinations around the Mitten State. But before you get out there, here are few tips that you must read to fully enjoy and take advantage of the summer heat.

Summer Road Trip

Check the weather

One of the most unpredictable things in Michigan is the weather. Yes, its summer season but chances of rain are quite inevitable. So before you hit the road, check the weather forecast and see what the weather will be like the whole day. Always have plan a and plan b just in case the weather turns crazy.

Check your vehicle

Check your vehicle thoroughly. Get an oil change, check your tires (and spare tires), lights, battery and its other vital parts. Make sure you have your tools ready just in case something went wrong on the road.

Fully charge your gadgets and accessories

Check your smart phones, cameras and other battery operated accessories and make sure they are fully charged before you go. Better if you can pack up extra batteries just in case there’s a need for it.

Pack your water gear

Even though you don’t plan to take a swim or dip in the water, chances are you will get yourself wet while enjoying the Michigan summer vacation.  When you are in Michigan, you are always within 85 miles of a Great Lake and there’s a high possibility that you are just few miles away from a random lake, river or stream. So pack your swimwear with you and be prepared for some water adventure.

Use the power of social media

Before you head out, check out Facebook or Twitter and do a little research of the places you wanted to visit this summer. Aside from the normal and usual thing you know about the place, you might discover some hidden gems or information about it. This can surely add more excitement and enjoyment into your summer vacation and roadtrip.

Get a Recreation Passport

For only $11, you can fully explore the beauty of Michigan’s outdoors. The Recreation Passport or Michigan State Park pass will grant you access to hundreds of state parks around the Great Lakes State. With this at hand, you can explore the waters with access to staffed public boat launches, enjoy the beautiful, rustic forest campgrounds and more! For more information about Recreation Passport, you can visit this webpage from Michigan.gov.

These tips can surely help you enjoy more your Michigan summer vacation and adventure. Enjoy!

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