5 Amazing Hacks That Can Help You Grow Plants In Your Apartment

November 15th, 2016

One of the disadvantages of living in an apartment is that you can’t have a full size garden filled with beautiful plants and colorful flowers. But this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your passion for gardening because of the limited space. Listed below are some amazing tricks and hacks that can help satisfy your green thumb at any given space.

Use containers.

Plants in containers are a common thing for apartments and even houses with limited space. You can place these containers at your balcony, at the corners of your apartment or even on top of your coffee table as long as you keep them clean and tidy. Some people even use small containers placed in a large tray to grow various herbs and spices.

Plant Containers

Use window boxes.

Window box is one of the most practical solutions for apartment tenants when it comes to growing plants and flowers. Window box comes in variety of sizes, style and color. You can place it inside or outside of a window. There are also retractable window boxes that you can easily move in and out whenever you wanted or needed to.

Window Box Plant

Grow plants vertically.

Vertical gardening is the in thing for small houses and apartments nowadays. There are lots of ways, tricks and techniques that can help you accomplish this. One of the easiest ways is to hang a shoe organizer that can hold small pots/containers containing your plants and flowers. A simple Google and Pinterest search of wall gardening can give you tons of ideas and inspirations that can surely help you.

Vertical Gardening

 Grow plants up-side down.

There are certain types of planters that are specifically designed to be hang upside-down. They are so unique, truly appealing and amazing to look at.  You can hang these planters at your balcony, near your window or at the corners of your home. If you plan to use these planters for your herbs and spices, hanging them up at your kitchen is highly recommended.

Upside Down Plant

Choose the right plants to grow.

Certain kinds of plants, like tomato, chili pepper, mushrooms and celery offers high yield indoors, making them a perfect choice for apartment tenants. Aside from adding a green touch at your apartment, this type of plants can also provide sustenance and yields great results.

Potted Plants

You don’t need great amount of space or area to grow flowers and plants. With the help of above given tips advice, you can easily satisfy your green thumb even if you are renting the smallest apartment in your area.

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