Five Things In Your Apartment You Should Start Taking Seriously

September 14th, 2015

Managing your house is quite a tricky feat. This is because establishing house rules are not easy. In addition to that, most home owners focus on establishing house rules are focused on cleaning and decorating the home. Much as we hate to admit it, many home owners tend to take some of the little things for granted.

Apartment Building

If only apartments for rent came with an instruction manual, it will surely tell you to start paying more attention to these stuff:

Extension Cords

Many of us just don’t care about extension cords. After all, most of these items are heavy duty, right? For your information, there is actually certain set of rules that tell home owners how these cords must be used. Some of these rules state that you must avoid overstretching the cords and making sure that you use the right type for the kind of electronic that you are using. When you do not take care of your cords, it can become a fire hazard.


Even if you own or rent a house, one of the things that you must not neglect are the freeze warnings come winter time. Make sure that your pipes are properly insulated before the colder months come. During the last few weeks of fall, it is best that you make an inventory of the exposed and vulnerable pipes in your home and take some steps to properly insulate those.


Batteries are potent source of energy so it is not wise for you to leave them lying around in your apartment. Make sure to keep your batteries in a cool dry place and at normal room temperature.

Dryer Lint

Many people do not know these but the lints in your dryer can be a fire hazard. One way to reduce the risks is by regularly cleaning the lint trap. It is recommended that you do this after each load.

Refrigerator Coil.

This is one of the things that you never vacuum. For your information, vacuuming this part of you refrigerator will actually improve the performance of your refrigerator. In addition to that, doing this will allow you to save money on your electric bills.

If you really wish to ensure that your apartment is not just organized but is also safe, then you must start taking care of the house items mentioned above. By doing so, you are rest assured that your apartment for rent will be at its tip top shape and all the appliances in your home will surely last for a very long time!

Image License: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay / robertprax

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