5 Great Reasons Why Detroit Is an Amazing Place to Call Home

February 3rd, 2017

There are lots of negative things that have been said by the mainstream media about Detroit. This is why many foreigners and non-Detroiters think that The Motor City is nothing but a place of crime and trouble. The truth is Detroit is pretty wonderful and lovely. If you will just set aside all the negative things that has been reported about it, you’ll be surprised by the beauty of this amazing city.

Detroit Architecture

If you are one of the many people who are thinking about moving in Detroit but need a little more convincing,  here are  some of the benefits and advantages (of living in the city) that are sure to win you over.

Detroit is a Sports Lover’s Dream Home

The people of Detroit love their sports teams. No matter what the situation is, they will cheer on them 24/7. They have the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Lions and Detroit Pistons to cheer for all year long so if you are a true sports fan, you will surely love this city.

Detroit Tigers

Detroit Is Home of World Class Museums

The museums in Detroit are so amazing. If you are into fine arts, you can check out the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) and be amazed with all the artworks inside of it including the murals that sprawl across the wall of its well-known Rivera court. You can also check out the Michigan Science Center (for science enthusiasts), the Motown Museum (for music lovers) and more!


Detroit is also a Music Lover’s Dream Home

Detroit is the birth home of Motown Records. Lots of amazing singers and artists are also born in the Motor City. Almost all musical acts, concerts and events include Detroit on their tours because Detroiters are known for being amazing music lovers. When it comes to music, you’ll never go wrong with the city of Detroit.

Motown Hitsville USA

You Can Get a Slice of Las Vegas In Detroit

Detroit is home to several world-class hotels and casinos. There’s the MGM Grand Detroit, the Greektown Casino, MotorCity Casino Hotel and more. You don’t need to fly to Las Vegas anymore to try your luck while having some fun.

MGM Grand Detroit

There are Lots of Beautiful Historic Homes and Abandoned Buildings in Detroit

One of the most talked about and often visited attractions in Detroit are its abandoned buildings and beautiful historic homes. They have such charm that is truly perfect for beautiful wonderful photographs. For abandoned buildings, there’s the Michigan Central Station and the Packard Plant. For history-rich homes, there’s the Henry Ford’s Fairlane and historic neighborhoods like Boston-Edison, Detroit and its surrounding areas that are truly rich with beautiful and timeless architecture.

Michigan Central Train Station

There are still a whole lot more to say about the beauty of Detroit and its people. But for me, these advantages, benefits and features alone are quite enough to convince you to move to The Motor City for good.

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