6 Historical Facts About Michigan That You Probably Didn’t Know About

January 16th, 2017

Michigan, just like any other states also has its own share of untold stories. You probably heard or read some of them via the internet but pretty sure there are still some that you might not know about. So if you wanted to know more of Michigan, here are seven historical and important facts that are seldom talked about.

The French

The French people first occupied and settled in Michigan in 1668. It was only in 1783 when the United States finally claimed it as a territory. It was made as a part of Northwest Territory in 1787. In 1805, the Michigan Territory was formed. And in January 26, 1837, it was admitted into the Union as the 26th State.

Michigan Fever

After successfully establishing the state, a movement called Michigan Fever hits New York and New England. Hundreds of people started travelling to Michigan to set up their houses.  This is also the time when iron and copper were discovered in the Upper Peninsula thus giving the people more reason to move and settle in Michigan.

State Capital

From Detroit, the state capital of Michigan was moved to Lansing because of the more centralized location. The year was 1847.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan was one of the first public universities in the USA. It was originally founded in Detroit in 1817 but was moved to Ann Arbor after 20 years.  Back then, Ann Arbor only has a population of 2000, 1 bank, 2 churches and four mills. At its first year in Ann Arbor, University of Michigan operated with only 2 teachers and 7 students.

Car Air-Conditioning

The concept of air conditioned car was first introduced by Packard in 1939. Back then, it was an option that required the Packard One-Eighty to visit another factory for the installation of the air-conditioning unit or system. Packard said that this air-conditioning unit was not just for comfort but also for privacy as car riders can finally drive without having the windows down.

Floating Post Office

The J.W. Westcott II vessel became an official U.S. post office and the only floating post office in the world in 1948. The vessel delivers mail to ship on the Detroit River since 1876. The vessel also offers freight delivery and storage and even delivery of snacks and cigarettes.

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