7 Tips To Get Packages Delivered To Your Apartment Safe and Secure

February 10th, 2017

Online shopping is easier than ever. Some people even consider it as more practical approach than physical shopping wherein you have to travel for hours and line up for the items you wanted. With online shopping, you just need to browse online for the item you need, pay it with a single click and wait a day or two for its delivery, right in front of your doorstep. The convenience it gives to consumers is absolutely amazing thus making it an absolute choice for many.

But for apartment dwellers, online shopping has a big risk and it all boils down to the delivery process. If you live in an apartment, ensuring that the packages you order online will get delivered to your unit in safe and secure manner is quite a challenge.

When the package is left by the delivery guy at your door, your apartment neighbors might play with it. If your neighbors’ kids are naughty, they might take it and hide it elsewhere.  The possibility of it getting damage, destroyed or lost is high most especially if they delivered it at the time when you are not around.

Good thing is, there are some tricks you can do to ensure the safety of your delivered packages. Below are some of the best ones that you can do and apply immediately.

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1. Ask your apartment landlord or community manager if they can receive the package on your behalf. Tell them what’s to expect and what time it will be delivered. Give them all the details about your package delivery. While not all apartment managers or landlords are ok with this, some might agree specially if you are a good tenant. You can also ask them if they can drop your package inside your unit once it arrived.  Ask them in a good polite way and say thank you even if they turned down that idea.

2. Ask a “friendly neighbor” to receive the package for you. If you know someone around the apartment that you trust, ask them kindly if they can receive the package on your behalf. Tell them all the things they need about the package delivery so they’ll know what to do and expect. Don’t forget to buy them a thing or two (as a thank you message) once you get your package.

3. Leave a note at the shipping instructions section of your order. Instruct the delivery company to leave your package to somewhere safe within your apartment. Best if you can provide some sort of box or bin at your front door (with cover) so the delivery man knows where to put your item.

4. Schedule the item delivery at the time and date that you are at home. Some delivery companies offer this option so make sure to use it whenever possible.

5. Have your package delivered to your office. Best if you can inform your office’s boss or someone who runs the place about the item you are about to get at that date. Some workplace doesn’t mind their employees receiving occasional package so this might be a good option.

6. Get a P.O. Box. This might cost you a bit but if you expect to receive multiple packages at random times and dates; this is absolutely the best option.

7. Pick up instead of delivery. Some delivery company allows you to pick up your package at their office. So if all the options presented above are not available for you, then this one is your best shot. Just make sure to call the company first to ensure that your item is there so no time will get wasted.

These tips are tried and tested to get packages delivered to apartment dwellers safe and secure.

If you have more to add in here, please let us hear it via the comment section below.

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