7 Sneaky and Clever Tips For Small Space Living

December 28th, 2015

Small space apartment’s most common problem is storage space. If you are looking for ways to maximize your rented space, below are sneaky and clever tips that can help you to do so.

1. Ceiling Shelves

Ceiling Shelves

The space above your furniture is absolutely a good location to install some shelves. You can hang down a shelve from the ceiling and once installed, you can now place your seldom used items (books, frames etc) into it. It’s amazing how this one simple tip can give you a lot of storage space you surely need. Best of all, this can be done at any room at your apartment or home.

2. Small Space Dining

Small Space Dining

If your rented apartment is quite too small to create a separate dining room, do this! You can utilize a console table at the end of a couch in a living area. This console table can serve as a place to eat and drink, craft and even perform some computer work. Awesome right?

3. Corner Shelving

Corner Shelving

The corners of your room or home is the most often overlook location in terms of storage space. Installing floating shelves at them not only gives you extra storage but it can also add some visual appeal to your space.

4. Large Mirrors

Large Mirror

You surely heard or read a lot of things what large mirrors can do to your home. I just included it here at this list just to make sure you already have one at home. If none, then invest at one as soon as possible.

5. Corner Nightstand

Corner Nightstand

A nightstand inside your living room can be great. If your room is too small for that, then a mini-nightstand installed at the corner will do. Just check the image and for sure you get an idea on what this small storage space can do for you.

6. Sliding Walls

Sliding Walls

Walls can make a room or space appear smaller. But what if you can install a sliding wall? Not bad right? Keep it shut when you need the privacy or quiet time, but then simply slide it open to create a larger, open space for entertaining.

7. Behind-The-Door Towel Rods

Behind Door Towel Rod

The space behind your doors can work wonders. If you follow our blog, for sure you already read it here. If not, then now is the perfect time to do so. Behind the door rods are perfect for towels and such. With a little more creativity, you can surely do more than that.

Image and info credit: listotic.com

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