Expert Tips and Advice for A Successful and Stress-Free Moving Day!

July 7th, 2016

Moving from one place to another can be truly exhausting and stressful. But with the help of below written expert tips and advice, it can be worry-free and actually enjoyable. These tips will not only save you a lot of time and money, it will also save you from the stress that moving may cause.

Start Early

Are you moving next month? It will be great if you can do some of the things you will need to do this month (1 month advance). List down phone numbers of your bank, utilities, Telephone Company, cable, internet service provider etc and call them to inform about your plans to move next month. If there are things that you need to do or to sign, they can inform you in advance about it. Same thing goes with the post office. Make sure to visit them and fill up a change of address form so they’ll know where to forward all the mails you’ll receive with your current address. Inform them about your moving date so they’ll know when the new address will take effect.

Buy and Use New Boxes

Although recycling old boxes is a good thing to do, it’s better if you can use new boxes that are specifically created for moving and storage. These kinds of boxes are more durable than ordinary boxes thus protecting your items and belongings more effectively while being carried or moved. But boxes at least a month in advance too so you can start packing your less-used items whenever you have time to do so. It’s also highly recommended that you buy more than you think you will need as it can save you huge amount of time in case the need for an extra box arises.

Tip: Buy these boxes from a professional moving company (the one you hired) and if ever you end up not using all of them, you can return the unused boxes on the day of the move. You can ask the movers for a refund or to subtract the amount of the unused boxes from your bill.

Use Quality Tapes

Tapes are the most often overlook item when it comes to moving. Using quality tapes (lots of it) can help secure your items and belongings inside their respective boxes. It’s also highly recommended that you buy more than what you’ll think you’ll need in case a need (unexpected) for extra tapes arises.

Label the Boxes with the Room It Will Go In

Label each and every box with a permanent black marker which room it will go IN. For your other boxes, you can write the contents of it outside the box to help movers identify where it should go to in case you still hasn’t figure out at what room it should be placed.

Tip: If you have access to your new apartment, label each room or door with their proper name to help movers identify them. This way, your movers can easily place your items to the correct room without any hassle.


These moving tips might sound or look so basic. But if you follow each and every one of it, moving day will surely become a breeze.

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