97 Apartment Decorating Hacks and Ideas Every Renter Should Know About

February 8th, 2019

Looking for tips and hacks to decorate your apartment without spending a lot? You are in great luck!

Here’s a list of apartment decorating hacks and ideas that you can try anytime you want. These tips won’t take you too much time, effort and money to accomplish. Most of them are pretty easy to do and can be completed in a matter of hours or so. Check them out!

97 Apartment Decorating Hacks and Ideas Every Renter Should Know About

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19 Genius Apartment Decorating Ideas Made For Renters

Decorating rented space is a real challenge. Most landlords have rules about painting, holes in the wall and a host of other design challenges. Despite those limitations, you can have a truly fabulous space. Check out these genius apartment decorating ideas made for renters. They’re great for college life, too! 

15 Decorating Hacks for Renters (That Won’t Cost You Your Security Deposit)

Calling all rented home- and apartment-dwellers! You can live in the home of your dreams right now—all you need is a little creativity and some elbow grease. These DIY projects and clever hacks can dramatically transform your humble abode without costing you your security deposit. Here’s an added bonus: you can take several of these upgrades with you to your next place, too.

14 easy and low-risk decorating hacks for renters

Many renters struggle with personalization. Rather than risking their deposit or breaking their lease, they unconsciously settle to live around the things that vex or inconvenience them. But even though a lease is by its nature temporary, you’re still living in the space, and it’s not nearly as satisfying to just inhabit a room that is half yours and half already somebody else’s.

22 Home Hacks That’ll Make Renters Say “Why Didn’t I Know About This Sooner?”

Save that security deposit.

10 Incredibly Genius Apartment Decorating Hacks For Renters

Here’s a few apartment decorating tips and ideas for renters that won’t break the bank and will make your apartment look great without damaging anything. Check out this post for apartment decorating inspiration that will ensure that you get your deposit back when you move.

7 Small Space Decorating Hacks Every Apartment Dweller Needs to Know

Fact: Small space decorating is a challenge. But far from impossible. Especially when you enlist the help of genius functional products and a little help from the experts. Enter, Pottery Barn. The retail giant has just launched small space collection to rescue those in space-challenged spaces—apartment dwellers, rejoice!

10 Easy Apartment DIY Decorating Hacks: How to Update a Rental Unit

Most apartment renters struggle to find ways to put their own stamp on their rental unit. When apartment living restricts painting the walls, renovating the kitchen or bathroom, and trading out the carpet for wood, it’s difficult to make a place feel like home. Some renters even refrain from putting anything up on the walls to avoid unnecessary deductions to the security deposit.

If these tips are not enough for you to decorate your rented home, you might want to hire someone to the decoration for you.

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