You Will Surely Love To Visit This Charming Castle In Michigan!

October 3rd, 2016

Michigan is the home of many charming structures, lovely architectures and amazing man-made wonders of nature. The State is also popular for its castles and buildings that are homage’s to medieval era and you can find one of them in the town of Owosso, Michigan.


Curwood Castle is a small castle (now a museum) built by author James Oliver Curwood in year 1922. He built this charming structure (a replica of a Norman French chateau) adjacent to his home on the banks of the Shiawassee River in Owosso.

Curwood Castle’s roof is slate with copper trim and the exterior is made of yellow stucco containing field stones that Curwood personally chose. It has a very beautiful interior made even more charming by carefully chosen and strategically placed furniture.

Unlike other castles, the Curwood Castle doesn’t have any eating or sleeping areas (Curwood himself didn’t live or sleep in it). He used the castle’s great room to entertain guests and the largest turret as his writing studio.

In his will (Curwood passed away in 1927 at age of 48), he gave the castle to the City of Owosso. Although it was transformed into a museum and event-hosting venue, the castle still holds its original charm especially the exterior features.

Curwood Castle is now a fully operational museum that is open to the public 6 days a week. With a small admission fee, you will be granted entrance to personally see Curwood’s writing memorabilia and a grand tour of its amazing interior where he finished most of his novels.

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For more information and photos of Curwood Castle, head over to their official Facebook page: Curwood Castle

Featured image credit: JoannaPoe via Wikimedia

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