Creative Storage Ideas for Your Shoes

April 23rd, 2014

Women’s love for shoes is irresistible. Even if the shoes have become the shoe mountain in the house, they will not give up adding another pair of shoes. So for different shoes, how can you store your shoes to turn your home organized? Read on to learn some useful ideas to store your shoes.

1. Hang your shoes

Hang your shoes

Have you ever thought hanging your shoes on the walls. There are some advantages of hanging the shoes. It is very convenient to pick up the shoes. And the shoes colors also can decorate your wall. You can see in the picture, the house owner orderly hangs her high heels and clothes on the blank wall.

2. Put the shoes in the tray

Shoes On Tray

Putting the shoes in the tray is suitable for narrow porch. The tray will not take up you too much space and it will also help to store your shoes to keep your house clean and tidy. But the tray just can store one pair shoes.

3. Store the shoes in draw-out type shoe cabinet

draw-out type shoe cabinet

For small space, how do you store your shoes? You can buy a draw-out type Shoe Cabinet. You can see in the picture, the shoes are placed in the direction of shoes. When you want to wear them, just pull out the drawer. It is very simple and easy. You also can store your keys and umbrellas in the drawer.

4. Hang the shoe on shoe rack behind your door

Shoe Rack Behind Door

For your favorite shoes, the creative and well-regulated arrangement of shoes will attract most eyes. If you put your shoes in the shoe box, you may worry it to deform. If you put it in the cabinet, the space of cabinet may be limited and folding will bring some harm to the shoes. Putting the shoes on the shoe rack behind door is really a great idea, which not just help to save you much space and it also can decorate your home. Apart from that, it will also be convenient to pick your shoes when go out.

5. Store the shoes in the vertical shoe rack

Vertical Shoe Rack

Online furniture stores offer you different shoe racks, such as the vertical shoe rack. The rectangular is close to the wall. There are shelves in the rack to store your different shoes. It is just like a big wardrobe.

6. Store the shoes in magnetic shoe rack

Magnetic Racks

Magnetic shoe rack table takes advantage of the magnet to be adsorbed on the wall. With it, you can flexibly use the small space to store your sports shoes, slippers, children’s shoes, high heels,sandals on the wall in any rooms. . Powerful magnets can be freely installed on the wall.

7. Hang the shoes on revolving shoe rack

Revolving Shoe Rack

It is also fancy idea to bring your home a revolving shoe rack. Have a look at the shoe rack in the picture, it has three layers and ten hooks on each layer. It takes little space and when your shoes on the rack, shoes are not easy to give out unpleasant smells.

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