6 Tips On How To Easily Divide Your Studio Apartment into Multiple Rooms

October 19th, 2016

Dividing a studio apartment into multiple rooms is quite easy. But dividing them into multiple spaces “in an efficient manner” is a different story.

There are lots of ways you can divide a studio apartment into multiple rooms. Below are some of the best tricks that you can follow to divide it efficiently without wasting a lot of floor space. Taking action on these tips doesn’t take a lot of time, effort and money. Check them out and see which one would work best for your rented studio apartment.


Think about your floor plan first and foremost

Before thinking about dividing your space or about the dividers you will use, you must already have a layout on what room goes to a certain space. Decide which areas will become your kitchen, your bedroom and your living room. Make a concrete layout plan and stick with it from start to finish.

Remove the clutter

A clean and clutter-free studio apartment is much easier to divide and organize. So before you really dive in into dividing your floor space, make sure that everything are set and in order. Take advantage of your wall to free up some floor place and remove unnecessary stuff and items. Free as much floor space as you can before you divide your studio apartment into different rooms.

Use tall bookshelves

Tall bookshelves are often used as practical space divider for studio apartments. Aside from efficiently dividing the rooms, it also gives extra storage space! Set the bookshelves perpendicular to a wall (you can put a latch on it to make it secure) to divide your bedroom to the other areas of your studio.

Use curtains

Curtains are absolutely the best space saving divider that you can ever think of. It won’t take an inch of floor space to efficiently divide areas and spaces. Use them to separate your bedroom and living room. Works great as well for your kitchen and dining room too!

Use projector screen

Are you a big fan of films and movies? Projector screen is the right studio apartment divider for you! Use this to separate your bedroom and living room. This is a very simple, practical and fun way to separate the rooms.

Color coordinate each and every room

Don’t want to use dividers? Take advantage of the power of colors! Colors can create a tonal separation that can help give each space a unique distinction. You might want your bedroom in white, your bedroom in blue and your kitchen in green. Works best for very small spaces.

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