9 Effective Tips To Become A Good Apartment Neighbor

August 21st, 2016

Living in an apartment comes with great responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to become a good tenant or neighbor while renting the property. This kind of responsibility encourages harmonious relationships so that each and every renter can live happily and peacefully.

Being a good apartment neighbor is quite easy. Just follow the below simple rules and quite sure, you’ll become one of the most desirable person that your neighbors will ever meet.

Apartment Open Window

1) Always be friendly. A simple hi and hello could go a long way. A warm good morning or good evening could make a big difference most especially if you are new in the building or complex. A genuine smile can also express a lot of good intention even if you don’t say a word or a greeting.

2) Don’t be creepy and annoying. It’s a must that you respect your neighbor’s privacy. If you tried to talk with a neighbor and she/he doesn’t look comfortable with it, give her/him some space. Look at your neighbor’s body language and gesture and see if they are comfortable with a small talk. If not, then wait for the best time to do it.

3) Participate in apartment events like tenant’s gatherings, parties etc. This is a good way for you to introduce yourself and to know your neighbors as well. This way, you can have a feel of your neighbor’s attitude and behavior towards each other. Treat this like your getting-to-know-your-neighbors event.

4) Speak softly and move calmly. Keep your voice level down at all times. Some of your neighbors might be working at night and sleeping in the morning so always be mindful about the noise you create. Same goes with the other stuff that you do at your apartment. Walk lightly, close the doors slowly and control the volume of your speaker or T.V. Use noisy equipment and appliances (e.g. vacuum cleaner) at the right time or when there’s no one sleeping.

5) Ask your kids to keep their noise level down. Kids will be kids. They will play, laugh, cry and sometimes scream. They make noise all the time but it will be very nice if you can ask them to keep it down. Don’t let them play at the stairs and the hallway. Always make sure that they won’t disturb anyone when they are playing around.

6) Respect parking space borders. Each and every tenant of an apartment complex has their own designated parking space. Make sure that you know yours so you won’t end up parking your vehicle to someone else’s parking space.

7) Offer your assistance especially to your elderly or disabled neighbors. If you see them struggling to walk or carry their belongings or so, volunteer to carry it for them. If some of their appliances won’t work, ask if you can fix it.  But remember, don’t be creepy so once they say no, respect it.

8) Be mindful with your guests and visitors. Always see to it that the guests you will invite can follow the apartment rules and regulations.  If smoking is prohibited, then tell your visitors that smoking is not allowed in the area. If they can’t follow a simple rule like that, don’t invite them at all.

9) Treat your neighbors the way you would like them to treat you. If you wanted to be treated with respect, then show respect to your neighbors. If you wanted to be greeted with a smile, then smile at each and every person you come across with. What goes around comes around. Always remember that.

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