These Michigan Maps Are Quite Interesting! The 3rd One Is So Hilarious!

December 1st, 2015

The map of Michigan is probably the most unique “image” you will ever see. The mitten shaped lands surrounded by beatiful lakes made it one of best ever. You can even use your hand to point and describe each and every cities or location inside Michigan accurately.These Michigan Maps Are Too Accurate , 3rd One Is So Hilarious!

Because of its pure awesomeness, some people can’t help but draw the map of Michigan in different perspectives. Below are probably some of the best ones you can find around the internet.

Judgemental Map Of Detroit

Judgemental Map
Can’t believe such map exist! JudgementalMaps.Com shows hows judgemental people they are with this map of Detroit. Click the image for a much larger version of it. Source

How Chicagoans view the Midwest and beyond.

How Chicagoans view the Midwest and beyond
“Annoying Hockey Fans”, “Won’t shut up about their hands” and “does anyone live here?” are the words used to decribe Michigan at this map. Source

How Michiganders view the U.S.

Michiganders Map USA
Using literal image of a hand to describe Michigan is on point! Source

The Map Of Michigan Stereotypes

Michigan Stereotypes Map

Trolls, lovers, yoopers – Michigan have them all! Source

The World According To Michigan

the world according to Michigan
Simple yet on point! Source

For sure there are some more maps related or about Michigan online. In case you stumbled to some, please share them with us.

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