12 Amazing Holiday Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

December 6th, 2016

Decorating a small space apartment for the holidays is a tough challenge. You have to carefully plan on what kind of décor goes to a certain area to avoid cluttering your rented space. You have to wisely choose the materials you’ll use in decorating to avoid unwanted damage.

Christmas Apartment Decor 4

If you need some help, inspiration or idea for decorating your apartment for Christmas, the below savvy tips can surely you.

Decorate your chair and other furniture.

You can add a Christmas touch to your wooden chair or furniture with a small wreath and ribbon. Add it at the back of your chair or wherever possible.

Decorate your bar cart.

If you are thinking about throwing a Christmas party anytime soon, decorating your bar cart will be a wise thing to do. You can use a wreath, faux fur, whimsical candlesticks and cranberries in your bar cart décor.

Hang a half wreath.

Go with minimalist approach by hanging a half wreath with just enough foliage. You can use assortment of greenery and flowers like eucalyptus, holly leaves, ivy and baby’s breath for this simple décor.

Christmas Apartment Decor

Hang mistletoe.

Hang mistletoe at your ceiling. To create a simple bundle, you can use cedar, pine, holly and of course mistletoe.

Be creative with papers.

You can create cute and space-saving paper trees out of extra papers around your apartment. You can paint them with the colors you wanted or with the ones that can complement your wall color.

Use a branch instead of a whole tree.

No place for a Christmas tree? Then just use a branch and decorate it with enough lights and garlands. You can place a fir branch in a base that is frosted with ornaments to make it even more appealing.

Christmas Apartment Decor 2

Decorate your shelves.

Decorate your shelves with simple ornaments, lights and decors. You can place miniature objects in them as well to create a more effective holiday effect. There are lots of ideas and tutorials online that can help you out in your shelves decoration.

Use your wall.

If you really don’t have any extra space even for small tree or Christmas décor, then make use of your wall. You can paint a tree on your wall; decorate it with stickers, Christmas lights and other removable decors. You can also pin some garlands and attach string lights in the shape of a tree as an alternative.

Don’t forget the scent.

Set your apartment in a holiday mood by letting the aroma and the scent of Christmas fill in the room. Check out some online recipes on how you can create a good scent that can make your apartment smell like Christmas season.

Swap your items according to the season.

Change your pillow cases with Christmas-themed ones. You can also do the same thing with the curtains, floor mats, rugs etc. For sure you already get the idea, right?

Christmas Apartment Decor 3

Decorate your door.

Decorate your front door with amazing Christmas decors. You can use some string lights, wreath and even some snowflakes stickers to add more holiday effect.

Decorate your windows.

Same thing with the doors, you can also fully decorate your windows. You can even hang some cute Christmas lanterns at it aside from the usual lights and décor pieces.

These tips can surely set your apartment into a Christmas mood!

If you have some tips or ideas to add, please let us hear it via the comment section below.

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