How To Protect Your Apartment Security Deposit

October 26th, 2015

When you decide to rent an apartment, your landlord will surely ask you to shell out money for you apartment security deposit. If you are wondering what this is for, the apartment security deposit is for the peace of mind of your landlord. This is his assurance that you will be able to pay off any damages that your apartment for rent will have.

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We all wish to get our apartment security rent in full after the end of our lease but some renters are not fortunate enough to experience this. If you wish to be one of the lucky renters, there are some steps that you can take:

Do survey the apartment together with your landlord.

Safeguarding your apartment deposit starts even before you move into your apartment. Before you sign the lease, it is recommended that you do a walk through of the apartment with your landlord. During this time, it is best that you take note of all the already existing damages in the apartment like a hole in the wall, floor stains, wall marks and many more. List down all existing damages and include it in the list. Ask your landlord to sign a statement that says that the damages are already there even before you moved in.

Before you move in, it is highly recommended that you take photographs of each and every corner of the apartment for rent. If the apartment is furnished, you may want to take a picture of the furniture too. Use a digital camera which shows the date when the photo was captured so you can use it as a proof upon the end of your lease.

Follow the terms stated in your lease.

The main reason why many renters are not able to get their deposit back is due to the fact that they have committed some violations of their lease. Some of the most common violations are bringing in pets without the permission of the landlord, changing the color of the walls, making permanent changes to the apartment or breaking the lease early. Avoid doing these things and you have a high chance of getting your money back.

Know the terms about the security deposit.

Before you sign your lease, your landlord will state some terms about getting your security deposit. You must be familiar about these terms so that you can be able to protect your rights to your deposit. Some of the most common terms include that your landlord cannot use your deposit to fix the normal wear and tear of the apartment. Additionally, he or she must give the deposit back to you the deposit within a specific period of time after you move out.

The only way for you to get back your security deposit is to be a wise renter. Follow the tips given above and it will surely be returned to you in full. Plus, you get to maintain a good relationship with your former landlord. Isn’t that awesome?

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