Important Things To Do In The First 24 Hours in Your New Apartment

March 9th, 2017

Moving into a new house or apartment is never easy. There’s tons of important stuff that you need to accomplish before and after the moving day. But the most important of all is the work that you do at the first day of your stay in your new found home.

Your first 24 hours in your new place are vital. The work that you will do within this time frame can make a difference on your life as a tenant for months. So to make sure that you’ll have a good stay and a peaceful life in your new apartment, follow the following tasks.

Important Things To Do In The First 24 Hours in Your New Apartment

Document everything BEFORE you stay in.

Even if your landlord doesn’t asked you to fill out some sort of condition report of your apartment before you move in, make sure that you do it for your own good. Document everything in photo and save it or better yet print it and hand some copies to your landlord. Also keep digital files of the photographs in your hard drive along with some notes about it. Photograph every corner, every room, every door and window most importantly if the apartment is quite old already.

Clean everything up even if the apartment looks clean

Although your landlord already told you that they’ve cleaned and changed everything before you moved in, it’s still best that you do another round of cleaning. Surely, there are hidden spots and areas that are not well cleaned so better check them out and clean them accordingly. It’s also highly recommended that you thoroughly clean the bathroom and the toilet seat before using.

Make your bed

You’ll have plenty of things to do within the first 24 hours of your stay in your new apartment. So before getting your hands dirty, literally, fix and assemble your bed. This way, you can immediately take a rest after a long tiring day. Trust me; you’ll love it that you fix your bed first before doing anything else.

Put all boxes at their right place

Before unpacking, make sure that each and every box at their respective rooms. This makes unpacking and arranging your stuff easier and more convenient. Just make sure that you labeled your boxes according to the rooms they belong in.

Introduce yourself to new neighbors you come across

If you bumped into someone in your new complex or community, make sure to greet them and tell them that you are their new neighbor. Establish friendly terms early on and who knows, they might give you a hand or help you out with something in your first few months at your new apartment.

H/T Apartment Therapy

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