Easy Tips And Tricks To Keep a Pet Friendly Apartment Clean

December 14th, 2015

Living in an apartment with pets is a big responsibility. It’s a great challenge to make them feel comfortable and safe while keeping your rented space clean and damage fee.

To make your apartment living with pets easier and hassle free, here are few good tips and tricks that you can easily follow instantly!

Pet Hair Problems


Pet hair is and will always be the number one concern. Pet hair is quite hard to remove most specially in rugs, carpets and furniture. Sometimes, vacuuming them alone isn’t enough.  For hairs that are hard to remove, you can follow these simple tricks:

You can dampen a rubber glove and rub it over a piece of furniture. It can help loosen the hair so you can pick it up easily.

Rub a squeegee at the surface of carpets or rugs to gather hair into clumps and piles.

Pet Stains Problems


Pet stains can come in many forms.  If you don’t have pet stain remover available, you can use the magic of baking soda. As soon as you notice a stain at your rug, carpet or furniture, immediately pour some baking soda over the stained spot. Let it sit for a while and then vacuum or sweep it.

Dirt Problems

Cat and Dog

Dogs and cats usually go in and out of the apartment. Although you let them go out clean, they usually comes in dirty and worse, brings some debris or foreign objects. You can’t stop them from doing that because it’s their natural behavior. What you can do is try to minimize the amount of dirt they brings inside the house. Place rugs or doormats at your pet’s entrance door. You can also keep a pet towel near the door so you can always wipe their feet or body before letting them indoors. It might not be the wisest or sneakiest thing to do but hey, this totally works.

Keeping your pets comfortable while keeping your rented space clean is hard, but it’s not impossible.

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