5 Tricks That Will Make Your Rented Apartment Feel Like Home

March 18th, 2016

Redecorating an apartment to make it feel more like home is challenging. First, you have to ask your landlord’s permission and sign of approval. Second, you must have extra budget to do the project, no matter how small or big it is.

If you are looking for ways to make your rented space feel like home even without the big budget, here are few tips and tricks that can help.

Apartment Decor

Be creative and personalize your door mat.

Door mat is the first thing that you will see and notice upon arriving at your front door. Choose a door mat that can make you feel that the space behind that door is totally yours. Choose the one designed with your favorite color. You can also select door mats with some door mat embroidered words.

Don’t forget the curtains.

Hanging your own curtain at your rented space is also one of the surefire ways to give it a homey feel. The looks and the scent of the curtain can give your apartment a homier atmosphere.  Avoid using dark colored curtains as it can make your space look tighter and smaller than it actually is.

Add some plants and flowers.

Pot plants and flowers can give your rented apartment more color and life. Place some of it at the corners or above tables. Check out PINTEREST for some cool ideas about placing plants around apartment.

Play with colors.

If painting the wall with a new color is not an option, paint your furniture! Better yet, you can buy cheap and small furniture with different colors to add more life and style at your home.

For example, you can buy a small dining set with chairs in different colors. Same goes with pillowcases and even throw pillows. The choice is endless!

Display something from home.

Any items from your home will always remind you the feel of being home. Displaying an old picture frame, painting or a toy collection can help you making your rented apartment feel like home.

Aside from being so budget friendly (it will cost you next to nothing), these simple tips won’t cause any kind of damage at the property or trouble with your landlord.

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