6 Practical Tips to Make an Apartment Look Fresh and Clean Before Leaving

March 7th, 2016

Getting your deposit back once you decided to move out from an apartment can be quite stressful.  For you to get your money back, you must pass the move-out inspection that the landlord will conduct at the day of your move out. This means you have to make the apartment as spotless and damage-free as it can be before vacating.  Below are 6 effective tips and advice that you can follow to make the apartment clean and shine anew.

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Use the correct supplies and tools.

Before going down and dirty with the cleaning procedure, make sure that you already have the necessary materials and tools. You don’t want to stop your cleaning process midway just to buy a certain cleaning item or tool at the store.  List down all the tools and materials you need and buy or get them all at once before you start.

Remove all stickers, staples and nails.

Remember those stickers, nails and staples you put for the past few months? Remove them all and don’t leave any of it behind. Remove them carefully so you won’t end up damaging the paint or the material where you put them up. For hard to remove stickers, you can use paint thinner sparingly for easier removal. For staple or nail holes, you can use some putty before repainting it. Toothpaste, wax candle and a soap bar could do the trick as well.

Clean one area at a time.

Before going with the cleaning process, you should already have a step-by-step plan. The steps must indicate what area or room you should start cleaning first and where to go next.  Professional home cleaners usually recommend going with the kitchen and bathroom first because they are considered as the dirtiest part of the house. You can search the internet for some clever kitchen and bathroom cleaning tips, hacks and advice.

Don’t forget to clean the exterior part of the house.

Once you are finished with all the rooms inside the house, it’s time for you to clean the exterior part. If you have a balcony, sweeping and mopping it could be enough. Remove all the dirt and dust that already build up.

Inspect around and make necessary repairs.

Check if the nail holes are properly filled. Make sure the light switches are all working. Check the kitchen and the bathroom if every faucet, sink and shower head are in good working condition. The doors, windows and cabinets must be also carefully inspected.

Take photos.

After cleaning and making the necessary repairs, don’t forget to take photos of each and every corner of the apartment. This way, you will have photo evidence that you left your apartment in a clean and damage-free state. This could be helpful if your landlord decided to do the inspection few days after you cleaned it up.

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