Five Great Paint Alternatives For Renters

October 22nd, 2015

When it comes to adding your personal style in your apartment, there is no better way to do it than painting your walls. However, this option may be impossible for many renters, especially if their landlords are strict when it comes to the changes they can make in their apartments.

Paint Brush Wall

If you wish to breathe some life into the usual boring and dull vanilla walls that most apartments have, you will be happy to know that there are more choices other than paint. Here are some of them:

Wall Decals

Today, one of the best choices that you have when it comes to spicing up the look of your walls is wall decals. These items come in different colors, designs and styles that you can easily stick to your apartment walls, making it look more stylish than ever. In addition to the fact that decals are very easy to apply, you will be happy to know that these can be easily removed too. The hood thing about this is that they do not leave any marks behind.

Wallpaper Tiles

In the event that you wish to change the color of your entire wall, using wall decals can be quite complicated. Lucky for you, there is one item that you can use and it is no other than removable wallpaper tiles. Same like wall decals, these come in different designs and it can also change the entire look and color of your walls. The tiles feature and adhesive back that is strong so it won’t fall of. Additionally, the adhesive is also low tack which means that it can be easily removed without leaving any traces behind.

Folding Screens

If you think that sticking something to your wall can be quite risky or if it will require too much effort, then you may wish to look into the idea of using folding screens. You can use these screens by setting it up against your bare wall. If your space is quite small, it is recommended that you opt for folding screen with mirror designs so it can make your place look more spacious.

Magnetic Wall Tiles

Magnetic wall tiles are plywood tiles which feature silkscreened beautiful designs. These items have magnetic backing which makes it easy to install on walls. The best thing about this is that the use of these tiles are not limited to living room walls. You can also use it to create an eye catching backsplash for your kitchen.


This may be the most practical and versatile way to add designs to your walls. You can easily replace curtains anytime you wish, allowing you to play with your room design anytime you wish.

With the use of these alternatives, you can surely be able to make your apartment walls come to life. Now, you can be able to give your apartment some pizzaz without actually upsetting your landlord or violating any regulations in your contract.


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