11 Amazing Perks Of Living in Michigan, #6 Is Truly Awesome!

June 11th, 2015

Living in Michigan can give you lots of perks than you can imagine. So if you are about to live in Michigan or thinking about leaving Michigan for good, please take some time to read this article before doing so. It can surely change your thinking or perception about the Mitten State as a whole.

In Michigan, you can somewhat get to experience all four seasons

Michigan Seasons

The weather in Michigan is kind of a joke, as we really only have two seasons: winter and summer, but at least we get to watch the leaves change in the “fall” and the flowers pop back up again during our weeklong “spring”.

and sometimes all in one day.

Seasons All In One Day

Unlike many other states, Michigan has four distinct seasons. Unfortunately it’s common for one day to have 4 seasons, but for the most part, having 4 seasons is a wonderful thing. Being either cold or hot all year could get boring. In Michigan, there’s a white Christmas, a hot summer, and a colorful spring and fall!

Michiganders or people who live in Michigan can use their own hands as a map!

Michigan Hand Map

One of the coolest reasons to love Michigan is that wherever you go, you have a map handy! Your hand! How convenient! In Michigan, when someone doesn’t know the city where you’re from or where you’re going, just lift up your hand, and point to it! Without doing any statistical analyses, I can confidently say that more than 90% of Michigan residents use their hand as their Michigan map.

Sand Dunes!

Michigan Sand Dunes

Who needs mountains when you have sand dunes? These amazing mountains of sand continue down the entire coast of Michigan, from the lone dune at Hoffmaster State Park to the enormous stretch of dunes at Silver Lake, to the famous national park in Traverse City. Combining all the joyous innocence of the beach with the majesty of mountains, Michigan Sand Dunes are a national wonder that are not to be missed.

Standing on top of a sand dune gives you the pleasure to see one of the best lakes around the globe – Lake Michigan!

Lake Michigan

Also, did you know that Michigan is the only state that touches 4 of the 5 Great Lakes? So if Lake Michigan is not your thing, you have some others to choose from! No matter where you are in Michigan, you’re never more than 85 miles away from a Great Lake!

If you are into ski and snowboard, Michigan is a great place for you!

Michigan Ski Snowboard

Since its pretty much winter six months out of the year, you’ll always have plenty of time to ski, just like in the Boyne Mountain pictured above.

Love outdoor activities? Michigan is also a good State for you!

Michigan Outdoor Kayaking

You’ll have something to do year-round, whether it’s kayaking (picture above, taken on Lake Superior), fishing, rafting, or even rock climbing.

Living in Michigan will give you the pleasure to become a part of a State that owns one of the longest bridges in the world.

Mackinac Bridge

At 8,614-feet long, the Mackinac Bridge is the third largest suspension bridge in the world, connecting the lower peninsula of Michigan to its upper peninsula.

Love cereals? You will love Michigan!

Michigan Cereals

Michigan is probably home to your favorite cereal. The Kellogg’s brand was founded in Michigan in 1906. If you are into cereals, the State can give you all the kinds you want.

Michigan has great universities

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan (pictured above) is considered an Ivy League school (public Ivy) and was actually the first established university in the U.S., founded in 1817. And Michigan State University is one of the largest universities in America.

Love cherries? Traverse City, Michigan is the place to be!

Cherry Capital Traverse City

In Traverse City, Michigan, lies one of the most convincing reasons to love Michigan… Cherries! There’s cherry juice, cherry chocolate, cherry wine, cherry candy, cherry peanut butter, cherry tea, cherry everything! Who wouldn’t want to visit the cherry capital and enjoy the city, the wine, the food, and shops?

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