5 Effective Pest Prevention Tips That Every Tenant Must Read

April 7th, 2016

The importance of overall sanitation is one of the things that every landlord or apartment manager always reminds to their tenants. They wanted to keep their properties always clean and well maintained to avoid any kind of damage and to keep pests away all the time.

If you are a tenant, there are tips that you can follow to keep your rented space free from any kind of insects, bugs and pests. These tips are easy to follow and can surely help you maintain a clean and clutter-free apartment environment.

5 Effective Pest Prevention Tips That Every Tenant Must Read

Take out trash, always.

Take out your trash on a regular basis. Don’t let your garbage bin overflow with any kind of trash for a long period of time. Always set a time of the day to clear up your garbage cans.

Clean spills, quickly.

Don’t let spills sit at any surface for a long period of time. The faster you clear it up, the better it will be. Spills at kitchen (from fruits, veggies, meat etc) can easily attract pests and insects. Make sure to clean it up as soon as possible.

Store food properly.

All food containers or boxes must be properly and tightly sealed all the time. Make sure that any opened bags of chips are stored in sealed container to prevent pests from easily chewing through its packaging. It can also prevent attracting any insects via the smell of the food you stored.

Check for gaps and holes.

Check your window and door screens. Check for possible holes or damage that can become an entry point for bugs, pets and insects. Tell your landlord about any kind of gaps or holes you will see to prevent further damage.

Use pest, bugs and insect repellents.

It can be in the form of a gadget, candle, plants or scented oil. It can come in many forms. A simple internet search or even at Pinterest can give you thousands of ideas when it comes to DIY repellents.

Always remember, the more organize and clutter-free your apartment is, the less likely pests and insects will be seen.


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