How To Find A Quiet Apartment In Michigan

April 29th, 2019

If you are looking for a quiet apartment in Michigan, here are some tips and advice that can surely help you out. While there is no foolproof way to guarantee a noise-free apartment, these tips can help you avoid renting a place that might give you sleepless nights.

Use and follow these tips to find a peaceful and quiet apartment in Michigan.

Quite Apartment in Michigan

Consider neighborhood or outside source of noise

If the apartment you like is situated right under a flight path of major airplanes, pretty sure it can get really noisy day in and day out. Same thing goes if the place is located near major highways, a construction site, train stations and busy establishments or areas. It’s also recommended that you check the place at night time to see if the noise will dwindle down. If the noise remains the same, then it’s best for you to consider another apartment for rent.

Rent an apartment unit on the highest floor

Footsteps and loud noises coming from up above, coming through your ceiling can be truly annoying. To avoid this, you can rent a unit on the highest floor of the apartment building. If this is not an option, you can ask the landlord to put in some good carpeting on the floor above you to minimize the noise. This can be really helpful if the tenants renting the higher units have kids that runs a lot.

Rent in an apartment building that doesn’t allow pets

We all love pets and I have nothing against them. But, if your goal is to really live in a peaceful and quiet apartment, then consider taking a place that prohibits pets. Barking dogs and meowing cats especially late at night can be really a huge nightmare.

Know the noise policy of your landlord

If your landlord or apartment manager has very strict rules and regulations about peace and ordinance, you can be sure that you can live in peace with their unit. So make sure to ask them about it and ask how they handle noise complaints. Better if they can put these rules into writing or on your lease agreement so you can have something to hold on to whenever you need it.

Know the neighbors

Before you sign the lease, roam around the complex or building and have a feel of your possible neighbors. Look for big families and see if they are behaving properly. Better if you can ask a possible neighbor about the status of “noises” around the area.

Pay attention to the building/unit

Some apartments are semi-soundproof meaning majority of outside noise won’t disturbed you. Check the windows and doors and see how the noise level is when they are open and closed. Check the walls too and if they are quite thin, noise can easily get in.

Every renter or tenant has a right to live in a quiet and peaceful apartment. So in finding a quiet apartment in Michigan, make sure to follow and apply hese tips and advice .

Image by Kari Shea from Pixabay

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