7 Basic Yet Effective Tips To Keep Your Apartment Cool This Summer!

June 16th, 2017

Summer is here. This means more fun outdoor activities for the whole family. But, before you plan your vacation or hit the beach, it’s important to know the following summer apartment living tips.

These tips will not only help keep your apartment fresh and cool all summer long, but they can also save you good amount of money in the long run. Check them out.

Apartment Summer

Use your appliances at night

If your apartment has a dishwasher, washer and dryer, better run them at night or when the sun goes down. The outside temperature can add to the heat that it emits thus making your apartment warmer. Running them after it gets dark can eliminate the added heat that it might bring in when it’s warmest outside.

Use curtains and blinds wisely

Use your curtains and blinds effectively by placing the heaviest ones at the east and west-facing windows during the day. This can effectively help in keeping the heat out while giving your apartment more shade and cool temperature.

Change ceiling fan rotation’s direction

Make sure that your ceiling fan is rotating counter-clockwise this summer. This way, it can effectively push cool air downward creating a wind chill effect.

Start grilling outside

Oven or stove usage can emit hot waves of air. Instead of using them this summer, why not take your grill out and start enjoying some barbecues or grilled steak. Aside from being a fun summer activity, doing this can lessen the heat inside your apartment.

Use indoor plants

Take some of those greeneries in. Place indoor plants at your rented space’s corners. This can make your room look and feel cooler than before.

Use summer-friendly fabrics

Change your bed sheet, pillowcases and other fabrics into summer-friendly ones. Same thing goes with the clothing you wear. Choose light colored fabrics as it looks and feels cooler than dark ones.

Turn off or replace your lighting fixtures

If your lighting fixtures have a dimmer, better. If none, consider turning them off if you don’t need that much light inside or use lights with lower watts.

These tips and tricks are just few of the many things you can do to keep your apartment cool this summer.

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