5 Clever Tips to Make Your Apartment Soundproof

April 22nd, 2016

One of the biggest disadvantages of living in an apartment is having thin walls, ceilings and floors where outside noise can easily pass through. If you unfortunately rented an apartment next to a noisy neighbor, facing a busy street or just above/below a room where parties are held almost every night, for sure your stress level has already gone through the roof.

If moving out is not an option for you to escape such annoying disturbances, here are few tips and tricks that can help you. They can surely give you peace of mind by making your rented apartment soundproof.

Cover your walls.

If you have decorative fabric, pieces of art and picture frames, hanging them at your wall can aid in outside noise reduction. You can also use wall tiles and tapestries to soundproof your wall. It might not totally eliminate the noise but it can certainly decrease its volume.

Use rug or carpet.

Rugs and carpets help keep sounds from bouncing. Your neighbor below you will surely thank you for using it. Aside from that, you won’t feel anymore vibration due to the noise or loud sound coming from below.

Use draft guard and door seals.

The space or the crack below your door is the most common entry point of outside noise. Adding a door guard can surely eliminate any unwanted sound.

Use bookshelves

If covering your walls won’t work or doesn’t help that much to reduce noise, then adding a bookshelf might do the job. Bookshelves and the books stored at it can surely reduce noise when placed directly against your wall. Aside from that, bookshelves can also become an added space for you to display your collections or even as a storage location.

Upgrade your windows.

This might be a bit of too much if you are renting an apartment but when all of the above mentioned tips fail, this might be your last choice.

Using newer windows with thicker glass offers can totally eliminate the sound coming from the outside. But of course, you have to ask your landlord’s permission first about and if you are lucky and reasonable enough, they might just do it for you for free (besides, it’s their property!).

And after trying and doing all of the above tips and you still fail to soundproof your apartment, you can always wear a good headphone and let your jam or music play on!

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