Want To Move Out Of An Apartment With Ease? Try These Tips!

July 13th, 2015

Moving out of an apartment is not an easy task. It requires some physical and emotional strength to do so. Aside from that, it also needs financial assistance too. To put it simply, moving out of an apartment is a task that needs good planning and preparation.

If you are about to leave your current apartment for some reason, here are few tips that can surely help.

Apartment Bedroom

Notify Your Landlord Days Before Moving Out

Giving your landlord enough notice will make moving out much easier and hassle free. Some landlord or apartment complexes require written statement about your plans of not renewing your rent. Some apartments might charge you an extra fee if you fail to notify them ahead of time.  So to avoid any kind of trouble with your landlord, make sure that you notify them few days before your planned departure.

Change Your Address

If you already found a new place, make sure to point all of your important mails (bank statements, bills, etc.) to your new address. Change them all before completely leaving your apartment. Besides, you don’t want a total stranger (tenants of your old apartment) to take a peek of your financial statements, right?

Transfer or Shut Off All Services

Although there are apartments that handle the utility and services cancelation, there are some that doesn’t. So before leaving your apartment, make sure that you already canceled all the services under your account or name. If possible, you can just request for your account to be transferred to your new address.

Apartment buildings

Clean Before You Leave

Clean up your rented space before you leave. From the floors to the walls, make sure it’s totally clean and damage free. Aside from building up a good reputation as a tenant, you can also be sure that you will get your security deposit back.

Do A Final Walk

After you transferred all your things and stuff to your new place, you can ask your landlord if you can visit the apartment for a final inspection. This will help you see those things that need to be fixed and repaired much clearly. Just what I stated above, this can be the key for you to get your security deposit back hassle-free.

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