5 Effective Tips To Sublet Your Apartment With Ease

April 22nd, 2017

Subletting your rented apartment can be worrisome. Knowing that you’ll be sharing your space with someone else can be stressful and quite scary. But if you don’t have the choice but to sublet your apartment (to cut down the bills you have to pay monthly), then read the following tips and advice. These tips can minimize or eliminate the risk of subletting that can put you in situation that you wouldn’t like.

Apartment Sublet

Ask for approval.

Before you think about subletting your apartment, check the contract agreement first if subletting is not allowed. If there’s no mention of it at your fine print, don’t jump into the conclusion that your landlord is OK with it. Better ask his/her permission first and if she/he says yes into it, put his/her approval in a piece of paper with his/her proper signature.  If your contact says that subleasing is forbidden, you can still try asking your landlord about it. Give him/her the good reasons why she/he should allow you to sublease your rented space. Let your landlord know that you are taking full responsibility and you’ll still be the one who will hand him/her the rental fee regularly.

Advertise your apartment.

After getting that approval, now it’s time for you to get the word out about your rental. Start with your circle of friends and friends of friends. Utilize your social media accounts and pages. As much as possible, don’t let a total stranger to share the house with you. Always start with people you know before posting on craigslist or the likes.


Craigslist still works. In fact, it’s still one of the best websites to advertise your rental home. You will surely get lots inquiries from here but beware of bogus/fake people. Always set your security measures in dealing with people you don’t know.

Formal screening

Screen the subletter before handing them the keys to your home. If it’s your friend or a friend of a friend, follow this tips in creating an apartment sharing agreement. If it’s a total stranger, a more thorough screening process must be done. Check out his/her background, credit score and other stuff that can give you more info about his/her personality and even his/her attitude overall. Also ask a referral letter from his/her previous landlord as much as possible.

Formal document

After the screening process, now it’s time to put everything in a formal document. List down the terms of your agreement – from the pet policy, guest policy up to the utility and rental fee. If you can, ask your landlord to sign the document as well and hand him/her a copy as well.

These tips and advice can ultimately minimize the risks associated with sharing your rented space.

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