Apartment Renting Tips – 6 Tips To Become A Desirable Tenant

September 18th, 2018

Renting an apartment has become more competitive nowadays. With the influx of people opting to rent than buy a house, the competition has become tougher.

This is why you, as a tenant, need to stand out from the rest. You need to become the tenant that landlords always dreamed of. You need to make sure that the apartment managers will choose your rental application over the others.

6 Tips To Become A Desirable Tenant

How To Become A Dream Tenant

The tips below can certainly help you stand out among the rest. These tips can give your rental application papers a good boost thus helping you snag your chosen apartment.

Dress to impress

When you visit the rental property personally, you should look presentable as you can be. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie but just make sure that the clothing you wear is pleasing enough to the landlord’s eye. Just like in a job interview, you should dress to impress!

Good credit score

A good credit score is a huge plus when it comes to renting. If your credit score is quite bad, then fix it as soon as possible to increase your chances. Your credit score alone can make or break your rental application so always see to it that it’s in a good level before submitting your application.

Come prepared

Prepare all the documents needed for your rental application. Bring them with you anytime you visit a rental property. If you spot a rental that suits you, you can then easily pass all the documents for the landlord or manager to evaluate.

Be mindful of your pets

Property owners, landlords and managers will protect their rental units at all cost. This is why large breed of pets are not allowed inside their units. So if you have pets, make sure that they are well domesticated and if you can, you should get a certificate from your previous landlord about your fury friend’s behavior. If your pets are quite large, then you should think twice about submitting a rental application.

Move in etiquette

If you are approved, plan your move in during the day. Make sure that everything is set and prepared well before you start moving in. Secure permits if necessary. Plan the move in to start at 8 am. Make sure that your mover’s cars and trucks are parked in their designated location only.  Don’t make your move in day become an inconvenience for others.

Pay rent

Doing all of the above things won’t matter if you will ignore this last tip. Pay your rent on time or much better, ahead of time. Set an auto-pay system if you can so you won’t miss a single payment during your stay at the rental. This will make your reputation as a renter more desirable. Some landlords even give discounts and special offers to tenants who pay their dues on time.

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