Amazing Tricks for Small Space Apartments That Works!

June 10th, 2019

Living in a small space home or apartment is quite a challenge. And one of the tough challenges that tenants must deal with is making the limited space feel and appear larger. Good thing, there are tips and tricks that are proven to be effective in making a small space seem larger. Some of them are as follows:

Living Room

Make use of light colors

Soft hues and light colors make a small, cramped room appear bigger and brighter. In decorating your home, use light colors on your walls and floor as much as possible.

Make use of mirror

The mirror trick works wonders. Place a mirror opposite a window to bounce the natural light around the room. This can help make the space feel airier. Also, the bigger the mirror, the better effect you can get.

Make use of metallic objects

If you can put up some metallic objects or displays around your house, do it. A shiny and shimmery object can help reflect the light thus brightening up the space. This can have a similar effect as a mirror.

Install floating shelves

Floating shelves can free up some floor space unlike chests and bookcases.

Utilize the corners

Place some corner bookshelves or an accent chair at the corners of your home. Use the corner as a reading nook or a mini-study area.

Fake bigger windows

Install curtain rods few inches below the ceiling. Make sure that it is quite high above the window frame to create the perfect bigger window illusion. Doing this will help draw the eye upward thus making the window look taller than it is.

Match your curtain color with the wall color

Blending the curtain color with the wall color create an illusion of an unbroken like thus making the room feel larger that it is.

Use airy pieces or furniture

Instead of using a solid wood coffee table, why not get the one that is a see-through? This can help create an illusion of a bigger floor space.

Always think of extra storage

Get some bench with bins underneath. Opt for a coffee table that can serve as a storage box too. Use furniture that offers extra storage space.

Bring some greenery

A plant or two can make your small space home or apartment feel fresher and lighter. If potted plants are not an option, opt for hanging ones. You can also use your wall as a plant garden if you wanted to.

Use wall for your displays

Place some of your jewelry and accessories at your wall. Use and utilize it artistically. Walls can become your extra storage area if used properly.

These tips and advice are all proven effective by interior decorators. Try each one of them and let us know the difference it makes in your small space apartment or home.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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