5 Disturbing Michigan Places That Can Surely Give You Chills!

March 30th, 2017

Just like any other state in America, Michigan also has its own share of terrifying tales, creepy stories and scary places. At this article, we will feature some of the most eerie places that are believed to be haunted.

Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the most disturbing places that The Great Lakes State has to offer.

Northville Psychiatric Hospital – Northville, MI

When you ask a Michigander what are the most terrifying or haunted place in Michigan, the Northville Psychiatric Hospital will surely be one of his or her top answers. The hospital opened in year 1952 and operated for more than 50 years. Now, it’s just an abandoned building left in dust and dirt. The place is a favorite area for ghost hunters and enthusiasts. With its halls occupied by old wheelchairs and beds, it’s a perfect setting for thrill seekers. If you wanted to visit this place, just make sure to ask for a permit or permission first.

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13 eerie photos of the haunted Northville Psychiatric Hospital
Northville Psychiatric Hospital

Skull Cave – Mackinac Island, MI

The Skull Cave can be found at Mackinac Island. It was first discovered by a fur traded named Alexander Henry way back 1763. When he took refuge in the cave one evening, he thought that he was just lying on rock. But after waking up the next morning, he was surprised and shocked to see that he was directly lying above a heap of human bones and skulls which covered the cave’s floor. Today, although the skulls and bones are gone, it still drives in tourist and visitors who wanted to feel and see its spooky ambiance.

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Skull Cave by Atlas Obscura
Skull Cave Was Refuge for Englishman Alexander Henry

The Felt Mansion – Holland, MI

This is probably one of the most popular haunted mansions in the USA. The Felt Mansion is located near the shore of Lake Michigan. There are lots of frightening tales and stories that surround this place and one of the most popular of them all is about the infamous Melon Heads – a group of odd creatures with large rounded heads residing in the woods that surrounds the mansion.

The Haunted Felt Mansion
Is The Felt Mansion Near Holland One Of Michigan’s Most Haunted Places?

Historic Fort Wayne – Detroit, MI

One of Detroit’s most visited place not only because of its history-rich significance, but also because of its ghostly ambiance. As an old military barracks and camp, Historic Fort Wayne has lots of old rooms, buildings and barracks that are said to be haunted. Some people say that they sometimes hear or see spirits of fallen soldiers that use to guard and reside at the place.

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Michigan’s most haunted: Detroit’s Historic Fort Wayne
Haunted Detroit: Historic Fort Wayne

Jackson State Prison – Jackson, MI

This prison is known as Michigan’s first and oldest.  According to its history, prisoners were first housed in the place way back 1839. People who already visited the place said that the ambiance is truly scary and heart-pounding. First hand witnesses and paranormal investigators said that there are lots of restless spirits still trapped and jailed at this place.

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Jackson Prison Investigation
Ghost-Hunting in the Underground Tunnels of Michigan’s First Prison, Jackson

7 responses to “5 Disturbing Michigan Places That Can Surely Give You Chills!”

  1. I use to live close to the place in Northville. Really creepy!

  2. How Cool! I’d like to check them all out, especially that historic mansion!

  3. I have only been to skull cave, but I would love to see all of these places. There is something so fascinating about places like this that have so much history and legends.

  4. Rosey says:

    Jails are always disturbing. Jackson is a prison town. I worked in a school there, and a lot of the kids had a parent in prison so they’re other parent moved them closer to visit. Only time I ever heard of such a thing.

  5. Catvills says:

    The photos of looks scary enough, I could only imagine how really scary it would be to be in those places. I will let my sons know about this. They’d love the adventure. But oh not me. This is not my kind of jam.

  6. Kelly Reci says:

    This places in Michigan are really interesting and historic and scary. These are the perfect place for the people who is interested in haunted places. I’ve been thinking if I’ll go in those places..Lol

  7. Heather says:

    There’s something about haunted mansions that I like. I’d love to explore that and see if I’m “visited”. Ha ha!

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