7 Smart Tips To Make Moving a Breeze

October 11th, 2017

Moving from one apartment to another is not easy. It’s a physically exhausting and an emotionally tiring process. Good thing there are tricks and hacks that you can follow to make it quite bearable. Below are some tips and advice that can definitely help in your moving journey.

Get free moving boxes.

Moving can be pretty expensive if you are going to buy all the things you’ll need in the process. One way to save a little cash is to get free moving boxes. Try checking out local Craigslist postings, Facebook groups or kindly ask your friends and relatives if they have any that they won’t use anymore.

Purge your stuff.

Check out your stuff and see if any of them can be left out once you moved into your new home. If there are old clothes that you don’t wear anymore (but still in good condition), donate them to a shelter or local charity. Same thing goes with your accessories and furniture.

It feels like I have donated my whole closet!❤️👚👖🌟

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Plan ahead.

Create a proper plan weeks before your moving day. For example, you should plan to defrost and dry-out your fridge 48 hours before your move so it won’t leak once the day arrives. Same thing goes with your other appliances.

Take pictures of your electronics and gadgets before packing them up

Before unplugging and disconnecting those cables and gadgets, take a picture of it. With this, you can easily reconnect them at your new apartment or home without any hassle. You don’t need to call out for help because you already know (with the help of the pics) what goes where.

Designate a first-night box.

Very few people do this so you are among the lucky ones who will get the benefit from this tip! Pack yourself a first night box which might include toiletries, clothes and any other essential stuff. With this, you don’t have to unpack all the boxes all at once just to find the right item for your first night at your new apartment. First night box can also include some silverware, dishes and items that you’ll need in unpacking your boxes.

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Create a packing supplies basket.

Before you start packing up, create a supplies basket first that contains your packing essentials such as scissors, tapes, cables and ties. You can carry this basket from room to room making packing much easier and less time consuming.

Use storage bins for seasonal items.

Put your seasonal items in a bin and label it accordingly. This way, you can put them straight to the attic or basement without unpacking them. You can also use a clear plastic container for the seasonal items so you can easily see what’s inside of it.

These tips and ideas can certainly help out in your moving journey. Make sure to follow and use them wisely.

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13 responses to “7 Smart Tips To Make Moving a Breeze”

  1. What amazing tips. I would have never thought to take pics of my electronics. I plan to be moving before the new year, so I truly appreciate this information.

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    These are all awesome tips. Moving house is never easy but if we do plan and organize our stuff then the big day won’t be as stressful as it seems.

  3. Eileeen says:

    I’ve move several times so all these are great moving tips! Purging is necessary!

  4. Moving house is very stressful. We moved to our present home 3 years ago and I remembered it was pretty exhausting. I agree with you on the first night box essentials. It really helps us when we moved!

  5. What awesome tips! I plan to move before the beginning of next year, so this post will help me do it more efficiently. Thanks for sharing

  6. Our Family World says:

    This is the best article I read that truly discusses what needs to be done and how it needs to be done when moving house. Good job! This is a great resource. I especially like the Moving Day Tips infographic. Definitely have to have those things on your first day/night in the new home.

  7. Kelly Reci says:

    Wow!! Such a nice tips. I love the idea of using storage bins for us to organize our portfolio. I will definitely check this out.

  8. Elizabeth O says:

    This is such a smart tips. Especially those who want to make move. I really like how you used storage bin to put all the portfolio, papers and others documents. So you can easily see what’s inside of it. Like it.

  9. Coralie says:

    Purging before you move is SO SMART! I didn’t get a chance to do that and moved a whole lot of stuff that we ended up getting rid of as we were unpacking. Simplify before moving .

  10. Moving was HARD when we did it, but I LOVE how good it felt to purge! I try and do it once a year or 18 months just to make life easier. I find that when all the spaces of my house are filled, it’s overwhelming!

  11. Ruth says:

    I haven’t really done a major move in my life but these tips are really helpful. I think these are also nice pointers for those who want to declutter and move things around the house.

  12. krystal says:

    That is a great way to downsize before you go – purge! I need to donate a lot of my stuff.

  13. Ingrid says:

    I have moved several times so I thought I had moving down to a science. I usually get my moving boxes and plan ahead. From you I learned some new strategies of which purging you stuff is one. I feel an emotional connection to things so to purge my stuff will be a bit hard on my emotions. The suggestion of a first night box is a true gem. Now that is such practical advice which should be obvious but isn’t. Thanks for sharing.

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