5 Apartment Hunting and Renting Tips Tenants Should Read

July 5th, 2017

Finding and getting the perfect apartment takes a lot of time, patience and hard work. It’s not an easy task as it requires thorough planning and strict preparation.

If you are a first time apartment renter and you don’t know what to do or where to start, read the tips below. They can save you great amount of time, effort and money with your apartment hunting journey.

Apartment Tips

Perform Online Research

Before you go out there to hunt the perfect apartment, browse the internet first and search for the available ones at your preferred community. Check each and every apartment’s details including its features and amenities. This way, you can quickly narrow down your list and visit the ones that interest you the most based on what you read on the internet.

Choose the One That Suits Your Needs

Each and every apartment has its own special features or amenities. Choose the one that suits your needs and not the one that offers great amenities or features that you won’t actually use. Don’t make the mistake of renting the apartment just because of its great features – always think about your needs.

Look Out For Special Offers

There are lots of apartments for rent that offers monthly or rental specials. Some offers a month free rental; some offers half of the monthly rental fee for first 3 months. Things like this can help you save great amount of money so better look out for them. Doing a quick internet search can give you an idea if a certain apartment you wanted offers promos, deals or discounts.

Call Before You Visit

Call your target apartment first before visiting the place personally. This way, you can get a quick feel on how the apartment is or how the landlord/apartment manager deals with their renters/tenants. Doing this also allows you to get a quick overview of their fees so you’ll know what to expect upon visiting their place.

Tour the Place Personally

A lot of apartment community offers virtual tour nowadays. While it’s a good way for busy people to check the place immediately without spending too much time, it still best if you can visit and check the place personally. Doing this allows you to check the neighborhood and community where the apartment is located.

While the above given tips won’t instantly give you the apartment you dream of, they can certainly help you get the one that suits your wants and needs. Again, apartment hunting requires a lot of time and effort so make sure you have plenty of it before embarking to this kind of journey.


7 responses to “5 Apartment Hunting and Renting Tips Tenants Should Read”

  1. Great tips! It can be so hard to find an apartment, and it is such a big decision. You have to really do your research and make sure you get a place worth your money.

  2. Catvills says:

    Thanks for these tips. I did not know there were such discount offers when renting an apartment. I will let my friends and family know about this. Half the rent for the first 3 months is an awesome deal!

  3. Echo says:

    I only had to rent once, but I wish I had known these tips. I was young and naive!

  4. Gee Villaruz says:

    These tips are really valuable. It helps renting out a lot easier and more convenient. I think touring the place personally is a must.

  5. That’s awesome. It’s really important to tour the place yourself so that you know what the place looks like in person. I think it’s good to look for deals but the priority is if the apartment suits your lifestyle and your budget as well.

  6. I wish I had known this through our apartment hunting days. We had some terrible luck finding places to stay in our little bayou town.

  7. Melissa Bernardo says:

    Great information for those who are searching for a place to call home!

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