5 Apartment Hunting Tips That Every Renter Should Read

July 20th, 2017

Apartment hunting is quite a tough and stressful task if you don’t know where and how to start. So before you go out there and start scouring the city for vacant apartment rentals, better read the below tips and advice.

Apartment Building

Falling in love too soon

Nowadays, almost all apartments for rent are advertised online. And with just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll be able to see all apartment rentals within your chosen location. Along with the details of the apartment like its features and amenities, you can also see some of its images and photos. However, not all landlords or apartment managers are truthful to their advertisement. They sometimes post good photos of an apartment but when you check it personally, it’s far from what is posted. Visit the apartment personally and compare if it’s the same thing that is advertised online.

Categorize your needs and wants

Before hunting for an apartment, categorize your needs and wants first. Identify which of them can be considered as “optional” and which ones are “a must”. Like for example, the proximity to your work, to major establishment such as supermarket and stores.  With this, you now have some sort of checklist that can help you decide if a certain apartment is the right one.

Stay within your budget

Before going out to hunt for an apartment for rent, set a budget first and stay with it no matter what. This can help you get a good apartment without breaking your bank. Don’t get distracted of added amenities if that means adding more to your monthly rental fee.

Choose roommates carefully

If you are thinking about renting an apartment with a friend or a coworker, analyze his or her attitude first. Know if you guys can get along with each other and if you have the same taste and lifestyle to avoid any kind of trouble or argument. The last thing you want is having a roommate who makes your apartment living a nightmare.

Select a good landlord

You can tell if a landlord is good or bad based on how they treat their tenants and their concerns. Ask around the apartment community or building and hear what they are about to say about their landlord or apartment manager. If it’s all about negativity, then pack your bag and move on to the next apartment rental.

This list of tips can surely help you avoid the common apartment hunting mistakes that could hinder you from getting the apartment that you want.

4 responses to “5 Apartment Hunting Tips That Every Renter Should Read”

  1. I agree with the “falling in love too soon” part – a lot of houses I looked at were like that. Great-looking in pics, awful in person!

  2. Amanda K says:

    Such great tips for someone looking for an apartment. I remember how nerve racking it could be myself!

  3. Rosalie says:

    Choosing good roommates is probably the most important thing! I’ve both gained and lost friends by living with them haha

  4. I agree – the apartment manager is key! We just moved a family member to an apartment and the manager really made us feel at home.

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