7 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Apartment in a Week

May 13th, 2018

Searching and finding the perfect apartment to rent takes a lot of time and effort. You have to give yourself a good amount of time to differentiate each and every apartment and weigh in their pros and cons.

But what if the time is not on your side? Let’s say a new job was given to you and you have to move in as soon as possible. You need to make a decision quickly in finding a new apartment or home.

Below are some tips and hacks that can help you find a good apartment in just a week or so.

Apartment Buildings

Set a fix and realistic budget.

Before hunting for an apartment, set a fix budget first and foremost. If you already have a target place in mind, see what the average rent in there is and work your budget around it.

Do your research.

Do your research online before going out to check an apartment. You can Google the apartment’s neighborhood or better yet, visit sites like Zillow and Trulia to check some important info and reviews. Doing this can help you narrow down the list of your target apartment.

Inquire remotely.

If you already narrow down your list of apartments, start reaching out to them remotely. Make some phone calls, emails etc to ask more info and details. Ask for their pet policy, utilities, amenities and if there’s any kind of discounts or promos on-going. These details can help you further in choosing the perfect apartment that suits your personality and most importantly your budget.

Consult a pro.

If you are moving into a new place or city that you haven’t visited before, best to consult a real estate agent for it. These agents have all the info and knowledge that can help you in your apartment hunting journey. Tell the agent what you want and need and what your working budget is for it.

Trim down your list.

After following the above tips, now you should have a pretty good list of target apartments. Check them one by one and see which one can be crossed out. Remove any apartments that are beyond your budget, doesn’t suit your preference and simply not ideal for some other reasons.

Personally visit apartments that you highly consider renting in.

Visit each and every apartment from your trimmed-down list. Make appointments for each one of them to make sure that you can visit them all in a day or two. If you are working with an agent, tell him/her your timeline so she/he can set your tour perfectly according to your timetable.

Pick and decide quickly.

After the tour, check out your list and see which one of them suits you well. If you already picked the best one for you, apply for it as soon as possible. If your chosen apartment lies in a busy neighborhood, you might want to get it quickly as some others might be able to get it before you could. Don’t hesitate on the application.

These tips and advice can certainly help you in your apartment hunting, especially if you don’t have loads of time to spare. If you have anything to add, feel free to voice them out via the comment section below.

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13 responses to “7 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Apartment in a Week”

  1. I believe strongly in consulting a pro when in search of an apartment. This happened to me a few years ago and they were helpful.

  2. Liz says:

    Sometimes people don’t have the luxury to visit an apartment building too … I met some people in college that hadn’t even visited UM before going :O which was crazy!

  3. Heather says:

    I totally agree visiting the place you plan to rent is a necessity. You don’t want any surprises and you definitely want to make sure it as all the features it claims.

  4. Brandy says:

    These are all great tips to find the perfect apartment. I am excited you shared these tips, as I know a few people who are moving soon and quick in their turn around timeframe to find a place.

  5. Akamatra says:

    I used to pride myself that I could find a great place to live and cheap. I did when I was a student and I am still friends with the landlords. Great post!

  6. Having a budget is so important, especially when you are moving quickly. It’s easy to be talked into spending more because you don’t have much time.

  7. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    Great pieces of advice. Budget is a big factor in deciding which apartment to rent. I think that should really be the first step to consider.

  8. Kelly Reci says:

    OMG definitely needed this today. I am planning to move and finding a new place to rent.

  9. I wouldn’t have thought to consult a pro before. Although it does make a bit of sense. Not that you will necessarily take all of their advice but they should give you some information which would be useful.

  10. Becca Wilson says:

    These are some great tips to finding a great apartment. I know that the search is definitely hard.

  11. Alison Rost says:

    Just like buying a home, looking for that perfect apartment can be a headache. I think these are awesome tips for people who are short of time but need to find an apartment real quick.

  12. Doing your research and hiring pros are great tips. It is always good to visit apartments before renting it too.

  13. Rose Ann Sales says:

    These are definitely great tips for finding an apartment in a week and it is so important to prepare your budget and personal visit or check the place that you are going to rent.

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