How To Make A Studio Apartment Look Bigger

April 15th, 2019

If you are living or renting a small space studio apartment and you are looking for ways to make it look bigger, this article is right for you! These tips and tricks can definitely help in making a studio apartment look bigger. They are pretty easy to follow and won’t cost you a lot to push through. Check them out!

Studio Apartment Tips Make It Look Bigger

Tips To Make A Studio Apartment Look Bigger

Decorate with light colors
Light colors reflect light and darker shades of color absorbs it. With this info in mind, always make sure to use light tones or colors when decorating your studio apartment. Light colors can help bounce the light back to your room thus giving it a bigger feel and look. Nowadays, most apartment units have neutral and light colors painted on their walls. Just enhance this color by choosing light color furniture, curtains and rugs. Limit the use of dark colors as much as possible.

Use transparent furniture and/or accessories
Transparent and glass pieces doesn’t take too much visual space inside an apartment. You can use glass tables and clear plastic chairs so the eyes can see through them giving an illusion of a larger space.  Transparent furniture is totally the “in thing” right now so they will look totally amazing inside your rented apartment.

Add mirrors anywhere you can
This good old trick still works wonders. Mirrors can instantly make your apartment look and feel spacious. They help reflect natural light and the reflection gives an illusion of a bigger and airier space. You can get creative with your mirror placement. Try hanging some framed ones, use a tall standing mirror on your room and you can get a furniture with a big mirror attached into it. Mirrors doesn’t get out of style so invest on some nice ones and use them up on your rented space.

Hang open shelves near ceiling
Anything that makes the eyes draw upwards can create an illusion of a bigger or taller space. So always keep this in mind whenever you are decorating a small space room or apartment. You can install open shelves near your ceiling to create this kind of illusion. These shelves can hold your old books or other small lightweight accessories that you don’t use often. You can also paint or wallpaper your ceiling for an additional artistic touch into it.

Always think of extra storage
Clutter can make a room feel so tight and small than actually it is. It can make your rented space feels so tiny and look cramped in an instant. So effectively manage your clutter by incorporating extra storage space into your accessories and furniture. Placing bins under your bed to hold up some of your times works wonders. Ottomans and coffee table with hidden storage or compartment are quite effective as well.

These tips and tricks can certainly make your studio or small space apartment appear bigger and larger than it actually is. But remember, always ask your landlord permission’s first before doing any kind of changes, no matter how small or big it is.

Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

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  1. Carla says:

    These are great ideas for any spaces. I never thought of the open shelves or transparent furniture! I will definitely be using some of these in my own home.

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