8 Important Questions To Ask Before Moving Into A New Apartment

April 11th, 2017

There’s nothing more frustrating than moving into a new apartment only to find out that it’s not a place you want. To avoid renting an apartment that will only give you unwanted stress and too much headache, it’s important to know what kind of place it is before you pay up.

Below are a series of questions that can help you determine if the apartment is good enough for you or not. These questions for the landlord and other tenants can help you decide if the place is the one that you’ll like. Check them out!

Apartment Interior Living Room

About Noise Problems

For the landlord: What are the rules about tenant noise and how are they implemented? Is there any exception like for example on special occasions?

For the other tenants: Have you been bothered by too much noise? What’s the usual noise you encounter and what’s the most annoying of them all?

About Poor Condition and Unfinished Repairs

For the landlord: Is there any unfinished repairs on the unit? How long it will take to finish? Also, you must ask for a written commitment signed by the landlord to make sure that everything will be taken care of once you moved in.

For the other tenants: How responsive is the landlord or the apartment maintenance when it comes to repairs?

About Parking

For the landlord: Is there a designated parking area for each tenant? How much additional parking space will cost?

For the other tenants:  Are you (or your guests) able to park your car without hassle?

About Transportation

For the landlord: Is there any mass transit available within the area?

For the other tenants: Is transportation ok night and day within the area?

About Internet Connection

For the landlord: Where are electrical outlets and phone jacks located? Can they be easily repaired in case of trouble?

For the other tenants: What kind of internet connection you have in this area? Good or bad?

About Laundry

For the landlord: Where are the washers and dryers located?

For the other tenants: Are laundry facilities conveniently available for all tenants?

About Additional Expenses

For the landlord: Are utility bills included with the rental fee? If not, how much they usually cost?

For the other tenants: How much are the utility bills? Have you been surprised by additional expenses or hidden charges?

About Safety and Security

For the landlord: What security measures and safety features you currently have?

For the other tenants: Are there cases of theft or break-ins in the area? How often they occur?

The answers to these questions can surely give you an idea if the apartment is a place that you are OK to sleep and live at.

13 responses to “8 Important Questions To Ask Before Moving Into A New Apartment”

  1. These are some very important questions. Anyone looking to rent an apartment should keep them all in mind. They all should be asked before renting the apartment.

  2. Neha Saini says:

    Well these are great tips anyone moving to new apartment should get all the related information.

  3. I will admit, we didn’t ask half of these questions back when we rented an apartment. But, they are all important information that would be nice to know before you move in!

  4. Also, you may want to visit at different times a day before you make a decision. It’s a pain in the butt trying to get the bad seeds out.

  5. My daughter and her husband made sure they asked their landlord a lot of questions before they signed the lease contract. They wanted to make sure they are not going to get the lesser end of the deal. So far, they don’t have any issues with their landlord and the apartment they are renting. Hopefully, they can move in to their own home early next year.

  6. travel blogger says:

    Very good questions! It is especially important to ask about noise. That can be one thing you never experience when looking at an apartment but the moment you move in, noisy neighbors or evening traffic could make living there a nightmare.

  7. Dogvills says:

    These are all very important questions for both landlord and tenant. If I were to rent an apartment, my first concern would be the noise. I don’t want neighbors who hold loud parties almost everyday. My next concern would be safety and security.

  8. Taty Pradilla says:

    These are great tips! I will have to remember some of these when we move into our new house.

  9. Elizabeth O. says:

    This reminds me of my first time renting an apartment. These are very good pointers. It’s important to check everything, especially the repairs.

  10. This would have been so helpful 10 years ago! I had a lot of not-so-stellar apartments!

  11. TColeman says:

    This is such a great list. So many different questions that need to be asked before moving in.

  12. Rosey says:

    Also how often management or maintenance enters your home when you’re not there, what to do with pets when it happens, and if there is a bug problem (hard to get an honest answer if there is but nothing snaps the joy of a new move like bugs will).

  13. These are great tips! It’s important to ask lots of questions before signing the contract.

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