8 Fun and Exciting Summer Activities That You Can Enjoy In Michigan

June 13th, 2017

Summer is coming in Michigan. And as a state with the longest freshwater coastline being bounded by four of the five Great Lakes, expect Michigan summer to be an epic and exciting one.

Michiganders has almost unlimited fun ways of enjoying summertime. Below are some of the best and most exciting ones that even outsiders will truly enjoy a lot!

Heading up north.

For Michiganders, going “up north” is a term almost synonymous to “enjoying mother nature”. There are lots of beautiful places to visit, jaw-dropping scenery to enjoy and mesmerizing waterfront towns to explore “up north”. Spending a day or two of your summer vacation “up north” is truly one of the most exciting thing that you’ll surely enjoy.

Enjoy the unique summer festivals.

If you are into amazing arts, good foods, drinks and music, then attending a summer festival or two in Michigan is perfect for you. Check out this list of weird yet wonderful Michigan summer festivals that you shouldn’t miss.

Enjoy the lakeside.

Michigan is the one and only Great Lakes State. Wherever you are in Michigan, chances are you are just few meters away from a lake. So when summer comes around, there’s nothing more amazing than enjoying the coolness of the lake. There are tons of ways you can enjoy the Michigan lakes.

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Run down on sand dunes

For sure you already heard about the greatness of Sleeping Bear Dunes and how beautiful it is! So why not try running down into it as a part of your summer activity. Sounds cool right?

Enjoy a dune buggy ride

If you don’t want the sand to mess with your hair, then the dune buggy ride is perfect for you. Ride the hills of the dunes as you watch other people do the same thing across you. A totally thrilling and exciting summertime adventure.

Watch a Lake Michigan sunset

After spending your whole day running around, there’s nothing more relaxing than watching a Lake Michigan sunset with a cold drinks on hand. Enjoy the calming and gorgeous view of the sunset with the painted colorful skies and calm and soothing waves – so relaxing isn’t it.

Enjoy locally brewed beer

Michigan beers are the finest beers you’ll ever taste!  Michiganders are very proud of their locally brewed beers. In fact, a festival was made to celebrate the goodness of the drinks. So if you are man enough to enjoy a pint or two, your summertime in Michigan will be more refreshing and enjoyable.  And oh, here’s the link to the list of the award winning craft breweries in Michigan that you should visit.

Watch a Detroit Tigers game

Summer season means baseball season in Michigan. So why not enjoy a Tigers game at Comerica park with good food and drinks at hand. To make the experience even better, invite your family and friends to come along as you enjoy the great sports show.

These are just few of the many summertime activities that you could do in Michigan. I left out the most common ones that people usually talks about (boating, fishing, kayaking etc.). Among this list, which one is your personal pick?

8 responses to “8 Fun and Exciting Summer Activities That You Can Enjoy In Michigan”

  1. I’ve done all but one of these activities so I must be a Michigander. 😉 I love the local beer year round, but it’s nice to sit on a patio at a brewery to sip their saisons, session beers, and fruity beers on a warm summer evening. My favorite though is going Up North, which typically encompasses most of this list!

  2. Travel Blogger says:

    I am from Michigan, and these are all great ideas! My favorite is to try new breweries and wineries. Sipping a great local beer or wine next to a lake is my perfect summer afternoon.

  3. Unless you’re an athlete it’s crazy running up the sand dunes. Yep, I’ve tried and nearly killed myself. LOL.

  4. kelly reci says:

    Woah! Looks like Michigan is the perfect place for summer activities! gonna have to visit this place someday!

  5. chei says:

    Pretty sure, anyone will be enjoy their stay in Michigan. Summer time is here, let’s do it!

  6. Heather says:

    Seems like there’s a lot to do in Michigan. I have a friend from the Lancing area. She talks about Michigan a lot. That lake is so pretty!

  7. Catvills says:

    Awesome summer activities to enjoy. I have never tried riding a dune buggy. It does look exciting! My husband would love to try different kinds of Michigan beer. 🙂

  8. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    Enjoying a relaxing time by the lake shore is my choice of activity. I can sit there and read a book, watch the sunset and just marvel at the beauty of nature.

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