10 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Michigan

May 8th, 2017

Thinking of moving to Michigan for good? Here are few things that you should know about The Great Lakes State before doing so. From the awesome sceneries and great destinations up to the foods and drinks that you should try as soon as possible, we listed it all at this blog post.

Detroit Downtown

Michigan is one state with two peninsulas.

Michigan has two peninsulas – the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula. The UP is famous for its natural wonders and mesmerizing beauty. The LOWER is famous for its mitten-shaped map.

Michigan has good education system.

Michigan is quite famous for its education system. It’s also the home of one of the most famous and highly regarded universities in the United States – The University of Michigan. If you plan to live in Michigan for good, University of Michigan will give you and your kids a lower-priced tuition fee, which allows you to save great amount of money on a top-rated university.

Michigan is famous for its Coney dogs.

When it comes to foods and delicacies, Michigan is pretty amazing. In Detroit, you’ll be amazed by their world famous Coney dog. Coney dogs are pretty special and close to the heart of each and every Michiganders that you will come across. It’s something that you should try once you set your foot in Michigan, especially in Detroit.

Michigan winters are way colder than any other state

The cold weather in Michigan is way colder than any other state in the country. It gets very very cold once the winter season hits so better be prepared for it. Invest in a good coat and winter boots so you can keep yourself warm during the winter seasons.

Michigan apartments and homes are pretty affordable

Homes and apartments in Michigan are really affordable.  The decline in the population that happened between 2000 and 2010 contributed into the price fall. That along with the housing crisis that hit Detroit hard years ago left some kind of mark on the real estate market, thus resulting into lower prices of the homes.

Michigan has great beaches.

Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Superior along with other smaller lakes gives The Mitten States amazing sandy beaches that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists and visitors yearly.

Michigan has covered bridges.

If you are fan of beautiful, mesmerizing and astonishing covered bridges, you will surely love Michigan. Check out this list of amazing bridges that you must see.

Michigan has lots of amazing lighthouses.

There are lots of historic lighthouses in Michigan. Check out this list to see some of them: 19 Stunning Images of Michigan Lighthouses That You Should See

Michigan has waterfalls, lots of waterfalls.

You will surely be amazed by the amazing waterfalls that Michigan has to offer. Check out this list to see some of the most famous ones that you might want to visit anytime soon: 19 Enchanting Waterfalls of Michigan That You Must See.

Michigan beer is awesome.

With the numbers of brewery across the Mitten State, you’ll surely get a taste of the finest and award-winning beer of Michigan. If you are a beer fan, you will surely love the state even more!

Moving in Michigan is fun, exciting and full of adventure. But before you pack your bag and move, it’s best to prepare and plan for it for a smooth and stress-free transition.

25 responses to “10 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Michigan”

  1. robin rue says:

    I will never leave Boston, but I know a few people that have gone to Michigan over the years. Sounds like a great state.

  2. GiGi Eats says:

    Really great information about moving to Michigan – it’s funny though, I never ever thought to ever consider moving there. WAY TOOOOO cold in the winter! LOL!

  3. I’m actually not a fan of coney dogs, lol. We do have some great beaches though.

  4. tara pittman says:

    My sister lives in Michigan. She always complains about the cold winters.

  5. We already deal with the cold weather here in NY, but we cannot get a great Coney dog unless we go to NYC! I have friends in the Detroit area and have wanted to venture out to see them. If I hear of anyone moving to Michigan, I’ll be sure to pass along the information

  6. Cheryl says:

    I completely agree that Michigan has some incredible beer! It is a beautiful state and I can’t wait to explore it some more. I want to take a trip to the UP. I also had no idea Michigan was famous for it’s coneys. Thanks for sharing, we will definitely check it out. This post almost makes me want to move to Michigan 🙂

  7. Becki says:

    Can’t imagine living anywhere else! Thanks for the list 🙂

  8. I love our coneys (maybe a little too much)! We really do have some beautiful scenery, beaches and lighthouses, I just wish winter was 2 months shorter! LOL.

  9. Tina Gleisner says:

    You know I never think of Michigan as having beaches & lighthouses, but of course they’re right there on the shores of the lake. Nice post …

  10. Michigan winters stink but our beaches and summer are simply glorious. I went to U of M for a semester but ended up graduating from Madonna.

  11. Michelle Waller says:

    I would want to move to Michigan just for a coney dog! Those things look so delicious!

  12. Czjai says:

    You had me at beer, haha! But seriously, Michigan sounds like a great place to live in, especially after knowing that they have an awesome educational system. 🙂

  13. Karlyn Cruz says:

    This is so interesting! Those are enough reason to try and live in Michigan. I honestly don’t want to live my city but would love to visit places and taste foods on the list 🙂

  14. Kelly Reci says:

    How interesting! iw ould love to visit or try to live there someday! Looks like it has a lot to offer.

  15. Rosey says:

    The school my youngest son went to was amazing. The black ice was awful though, I slipped on it twice and it scared me a LOT! Winters do get very cold there.

  16. Emma white says:

    Sounds like a great place to live! Great selection of information here, you have highlighted some good points!

  17. Andrea says:

    Great beer, beaches and light houses – sounds like an awesome place! Not sure if I could do the super cold winters though!

  18. Elizabeth O. says:

    Truly, there’s plenty to love about Michigan. If you’re ever moving to that state, you’re going to enjoy all of these and more.

  19. Michigan is lovely and it has a lot to offer people as well. I love that you mentioned the beaches, I’ve seen some of the beaches in Michigan and they don’t disappoint.

  20. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    Michigan looks like a beautiful place to live. I know friends that are from there and they love it.

  21. So many pretty sights to see at Michigan. Looks like a great place to visit

  22. Anosa says:

    Wow! so many beautiful spots to visit. And Oh, i just drool on the food!!!

  23. Our Family World says:

    Every place boasts of its own beauty and treasures unique to that place. I have a cousin who grew up in Michigan and when he married, he moved to Florida. He says he misses his hometown so much and would grab at any opportunity to go back there to live and work.

  24. Echo says:

    Michigan is definitely beautiful. I have to debate the “colder than any other state” though. I think Minnesota has you beat!

  25. Linda says:

    Our winters are not as cold a MInnesota,or North Dakota. It doesn’t get to 15 below zero or more hardly ever. When it does it is a wind chill factor. The upper part of the lower pennisula’s winters feel warmer than the lower part of the lower penninsula because it isn’t damp cold. It is dry cold and feels warmer than the lower part of Michigan and we have very few days in the sub zero weather. I have lived in Michigan for 67 years and our winters are getting warmer and warmer with spotty snow in the lower part of the lower penninsula. when we get a lot of snow it doesn’t last. No matter where you live in Michigan you live no further 20 minutes from fresh water. We have hundreds of lakes to choose from to enjoy. Michigan is a beautiful state to live in. I have traveled all over United States and Michigan has beautiful country side, we just don’t have mountains or oceans. Proud to live in MIchigan!

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