Tips For A More Affordable and Comfortable Apartment Living

August 3rd, 2016

Living in an apartment alone can give you the privacy and peace of mind that you always wanted. But it also gives you all the loads and responsibility to pay the bills that could break your bank and budget.

Living alone in an apartment doesn’t have to be necessarily costly and expensive. If you are looking for ways to make apartment living more affordable, here are few tips and tricks that you should know.


Take advantage of move in specials, offers and discounts.

There are apartment buildings and complexes that have special offers and discounts upon move-in. Sometimes they offer a free rent for the first month or a discounted rental fee for the first 3 months. Take advantage of this as this can really save you a lot of money.  Lots of apartments for rent post their offers at their website, social media pages and even at craigslist so better look out for those channels or platforms.

Know your budget and your financial limit.

Before renting an apartment alone, ask yourself if you can afford it. Ask yourself if your income can sustain paying monthly fee and bills aside from other utilities. This can give you a clear view whether renting an apartment alone can be affordable for you and your financial capabilities.

Get pre-loved or used (but not abused) items.

Buying second hand furniture or items for your apartment can save you serious amount of cash. You can check out craigslist for listings of even post about your needs and wait until offers come in. You can also ask your friends and relatives about your needs and who knows, they might give some of them for free.

Cook your own meal.

Lots of people think that it’s better to buy your meal than personally cook it if you live alone. It’s completely wrong.  Aside from being so cheap and affordable, home cooked meals are way healthier too! Same goes with coffee, try brewing your own at your apartment than buying those overpriced ones.

Get renter’s insurance.

Some might say that it’s just a waste of money but if you look at the cost or value of items that might get destroyed or lost; you’ll know it’s all worth it. Renters insurance can protect all your items and property in times of accidents that it outside of your control.

Living alone in an apartment doesn’t have to be really expensive. With the above given tips in mind, you can surely make it more affordable than you can imagine.

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  1. Berlin says:

    Living in your own may be peaceful but that also means you have to shoulder all the house rent and utility expenses. But should i be single and will leave in Michigan, i would prefer to rent alone or tag my best friend.

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