4 Super Helpful Tips and Tricks For Apartment Renters

December 11th, 2017

Whether you are moving from one apartment to another or it’s just your very first time to rent an apartment, these tips and tricks can surely help.

Aside from helping you save a lot of time and money, these tips can also save you from any kind of stress, hassle and trouble apartment renting could bring. These tips can make your apartment living more comfy and cozy.


Apartment Interior


Put everything into writing

Verbal agreement is not enough when it comes to apartment renting. Let’s say you wanted a part of your apartment be fixed by your landlord upon moving in, make sure to write it down and have your landlord sign in. Without this, you might have a hard time getting that repair you wanted and need. Make sure to write each and everything that you and your landlord agreed upon.

Don’t buy too many decors

It’s quite tempting to buy lots of décor items and accessories for your new apartment. But don’t buy anything until you are settled in. This way, you’ll know the type of kind of décor items that can fit and blend in at your rented space.

Ask for help

If moving into your new apartment is quite overwhelming, then ask for help. Ask a friend, a relative or hire some professionals to help you with your moving journey. Never take this task alone especially if you are a first time renter.

Know the basics

Know the basic things that you will need or use daily. If you are a first time renter, it’s best to ask around (parents) about the things that you’ll need all throughout the day. We are talking about basic kitchen appliances, home tools and other equipment. Remember that you are now living on your own so it’s a must that you have all the things you’ll need at home.

With these tips and advice, your apartment life can become so easy and totally stress-free.


10 responses to “4 Super Helpful Tips and Tricks For Apartment Renters”

  1. Apartment renting can be so tricky and heavy finance and admin wise. You need a contract so true, just to protect yourself. I have to admit that the moment i get my own flat, i might go crazy on decorations ahah

  2. Tara says:

    I love that couch. It would be great for the family movie night.

  3. Tammy says:

    We are thinking about moving to an apartment from always having a home. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  4. Khushboo says:

    I have just completed the cumbersome process of renting an apartment. I wish I had read this article earlier 🙂

  5. Andrea says:

    I totally agree with not buying too many decorations! I have done that in almost every apartment I’ve had, and I always end up throwing away/donating items when I move again. Thanks for these tips!

  6. wendy polisi says:

    This is great for someone who is looking to move into an apartment. Nothing can suck more than someone screwing you over; get it in writing!

  7. I am so happy to be in a house now. Apartment life just has no room!

  8. Too many decors has been the downfall of many! It can easily fill up a house, let alone an apartment.

  9. Jasmine says:

    Putting everything into writing is a really important tip, and in my first apartment I didn’t do that! Now, I know for the next time I rent!

  10. I argee it is so important to put everything in writing. When renting an apartment sometimes can turn in to a nightmare.

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