Apartment Renting Tips – 7 Great Ways To Make The Landlord Pick You!

September 8th, 2018

If you are looking to rent an apartment in an area where there’s stiff competition, you must prepare yourself with the tough battle ahead. You must arm yourself with all the tips and tricks to get on top of the applicants’ list.

Here are some of the most effective tips that can help you stand out from the rest of apartment renters.

7 Great Ways To Make The Landlord Pick You

Be early

If you found an apartment that suits your taste and budget, contact the landlord or manager immediately. Ask if you can check the unit before the open house date. This can give you a chance of making a personal connection with the management. This can also give them an impression on how eager you are to rent the apartment.

Stay behind

If you visit the place at the open house date, stay a bit late when everyone else is already heading home. Use the extra time to talk with the landlord of property manager. Ask some questions about the unit. Make a connection and give them a hint why you are the perfect fit for their rental property.

Be prepared

Prepare all the papers and documents that the landlord might require upon application. Bring it with you upon visiting the rental property. Some of the most common papers or documents that the landlord asks are as follows:

Cash / Checkbook / Credit card

Recent bank statements

Recent tax returns

Employment history or record

Credit history or record

Prepare these papers and hand it over with your application form if necessary.

Prepare your references

A reference letter from your previous landlord can give your application a good boost. Just make sure that the letter talks about the years you stayed on the apartment, your record when it comes to payment and how responsible you are when it comes to taking care of their property.

Offer to pay few months of rent in advance

Remember, money talks. So if you have the budget to pay the rent few months in advance, do it. This can give you a great impression with your landlord or property manager. It shows how financially secure you are and that they won’t have a hard time seeking your payment on time.

Act immediately

If you really like the apartment, then act fast and apply for it. Don’t hesitate and send your application form along with the necessary papers and documents with it.

Follow up your application

Politely follow up your application after few days of sending it in. If you follow it up via email, make sure to reiterate how much you like the apartment and the reason why they should pick you as their tenant. Keep it sweet and simple.

3 responses to “Apartment Renting Tips – 7 Great Ways To Make The Landlord Pick You!”

  1. Liz says:

    When I was renting an apt. (2012 to 2016), my area (Troy) definitely had some competition. I had to wait until Nov. 2012 to get my apartment … like mid-month, because someone was moving from my apt. (1BR) to a 2BR apartment.

  2. Becki says:

    Great advice! Luckily we haven’t had much competition in the area where our rental property is, but all of these would impress me if we were deciding between multiple applicants.

  3. Great tips. I think the staying behind and offering to pay more upfront are great ways to show the landlord you should be their next tenant.

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