6 Tips that Will Make You a Good Apartment Neighbor

April 6th, 2018

Living in an apartment is truly liberating. But it also comes with important responsibilities. Aside from paying your monthly dues on time, right attitude and proper etiquette must also be observed at all times. It’s quite important to maintain a harmonious relationship not only with your apartment manager or landlord but also with your neighbors. Below are few tips that can help maintain a good relationship with your fellow apartment tenants.

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Be courteous and friendly.

A simple greeting or smile can go a long way. This will make it easier for you and your neighbor to interact with one another. Acknowledge the people who smile at and greet you. Try to wave back at them if they wave at you. Don’t leave them hanging once they greeted you. This will give you a more approachable and friendly impression.

Be mindful of the noise level.

One of the most common complaints in an apartment building or community is noise disturbance. Always be mindful about the noise you make especially if you are living above someone else’s apartment unit. It’s a good idea to buy few rugs and pads as they can minimize the sound level. Be soft spoken upon entering and exiting your unit especially before sunrise or if you come home late at night. And if you can, make your apartment unit soundproof.

Have on-site laundry etiquette.

Avoid using the on-site laundry machine for a prolong period of time. Respect other people’s laundry schedule and never ever stop another person’s laundry in mid-wash/dry to use it. Make sure to know the rules and most importantly the schedules.

Respect parking rules.

Rules in parking differ from one apartment community to another. Know your community rules and respect it. Know your designated parking area or space and never ever use another person’s parking space.

Be mindful with your pets.

If pets are allowed in the apartment, make sure that yours is truly apartment friendly. Ideally, choose small pets that won’t make great amount of sound when walking/running or barking. Small pets are also seen as less threatening to other neighbors. It’s also important to put them on a leash while walking outside your apartment unit. Better yet, inform your close neighbors about your pet and how friendly she/he is to humans.

Be mindful of your guests.

Only invite people who can respect the apartment rules like you do. Never ever throw a party without informing your landlord or your nearest neighbors. And if a party is about to happen, set the value to an acceptable level and stop it once midnight hits.

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